Buff Bastion,Too Much Nerf// Nerf Junkrat

In every update since season 4 bastion is nerfed in a constant rate. A buff is necessitated such as a little speed boost and gun damage capacity increases. On the other hand nerf Junkrat cause this boy is unbeatable

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As someone who has time one tricking both

Yes, buff Bastion because he’s utter garbage compared to other heroes.
No, don’t nerf Junkrat just because he counters the weakest hero in the game.


I’m just worried that buffing bastion is seriously going to be bad in lower ranks, mostly in bronze and silver where communication is rare and not many people know how to counter him.


Bastion received a buff not too long ago, making his spread less sporadic in sentry mode. I don’t believe there’s much more you can ask for as a Bastion fan. You just have to keep it moving and not be a sitting target. He is very effective, especially against the horde of Genji players lately. He is not just an off-meta pick, but a deadly reminder of the power of a single DPS left alone.

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Yet even there Bastion performs very poorly.

Honestly I think Junkrat counters teams that have players who are unwilling to adapt or get off their favorite hero a little too harshly. It really doesnt take much to deal with him but the older this game gets the less interest people seem to have in counter picking.

A decrease in his ult charge rate would probably be enough.

So… The strongest and most infamous part of Bastion’s kit, his damage, should be buffed even more, while Junkrat, one of the only consistent counters to Bastion in low/mid ranks, should be nerfed??


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Revert bastions sentry buffs (in fact nerf its damage and ammo count further)

Buff recon mode then he wont be as overbearing in lower ranks.


Bastion is flawed by design. They can’t really balance him in his current state.


And what nerfs do you propose for junkrat?

even though he doesn’t need nerfs.

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I believe a damage decrease on his grenade launcher is ok and increase the capacity to 6

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