Bronze is utter garbage

I certainly get what you’re saying OP, bronze can be very frustrating indeed, and as you and Ethernyet noticed there are an even increased amount of trolling, throwing, smurfing and general lack of game sense going on in bronze. I know what you mean as I started in high bronze and was as low as 1200 or something I think at some point.

Took a long way of improvement, but I did climb out of it first in silver, than in gold, plat after that, I did not get my rank instantly by placements. One advice I can give you is to concentrate yourself on one, two, maybe three heroes, preferrably in different categories, and improve your game positioning and avareness with them. Do not flex all the time to different roles you do not know how to play yet.

Choose your hero picks wisely. To climb,I think a good bet is taking a hero who has the potential of playmaking (plenty of heroes do that), for me, it was Rein, as I could fulfill my role of team protection and compensate both for me and the DPS in damage. Others will advice you on a DPS, and it is a perfectly viable route too. Boils down to your preferred gameplay choice.

It can take a long time, but it is possible to improve. It is, however, not as easy as some say, it depends on many different variables and strokes of wins or losses, but in the end you can improve your chances of winning by increasing your teams chances if you perform good.


You are exactly the kind of person that is the problem. You and the people who just leave because they die a couple times.

Elo hell does exist… you’re a gm. This is exactly why it does. Like does that not click with you or what? People at a lower skill are going to have a hard time fighting a 6-stack of you and your 5 gm buddies.
A grandmaster beating bronze players is not unexpected.


Season 2 diamonds were still significantly better than current bronze players


Being angry should not be able to take away your sense of being able to read. In my response i stated i threw on a six stack so people wouldn’t be affected. I never stated i six stacked with them when climbing.

Yeah, and that’s what I’m doing. I’m mainly a tank person, but a lot of the time I heal too. I rarely dps, and when I do I only use one or two characters that I’ve focused on getting decent at. As I stated in my original post, it was really just a rant, and I needed to vent about how annoying it is.

Throwing then boosting (yourself) is also against the rules. There is no exception for doing the throwing as a six stack. It lowers match quality for everyone, especially those in bronze, whom you are bullying.


Yet you still claim that it’s easy to climb out of bronze. Yes for a gm to climb out of bronze and carry every team I imagine That’s quite easy. Yet I am not a grandmaster player, and most people stuck in bronze aren’t. But they get stuck there because people like you, people who throw, and who leave keep them from climbing.


Sounds like you’re constantly blaming your teammates though. Focus on your own improvement instead of complaining about uncoordinated teammates. You can’t control them. Ask yourself whenever you die why you did or what you could’ve done instead. Also, don’t play after three losses in a row. No wonder you dropped. Take breaks.


How about this then, record a comp game and send it to me and we can see if you truly are better then bronze.

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That’s exactly what I do, but again focusing on myself doesn’t help when my teammates don’t do work with me. If I’m working on myself as a tank, but I am not getting healed, I can’t work on myself. I push back and find healing packs, but that means I have to leave fights and typically die in the process. Or if I’m dpsing and I get 2 or 3 picks, but my team’s tanks aren’t aggressive enough to take the point it’s all for nothing.

Also I will stop after 3 losses, but what’ll happen is I’ll win some, then lose three, stop for awhile, come back in a few hours/the next day, and then I’ll win one, lose three more then stop. It’s a horrid cycle.

Focus only on yourself because you’re the only variable you can alter.

Work with your team as much as they will. Work around their mistakes. Blame yourself for every defeat and think of what you could have done better to have won. Do not accept that there was nothing to be done.

This is not a “fair” mindset but it is one that will urge you more to victory.


Why would I want your approval? You’re so arrogant that even if I sent a clip of me playing at top 500 level (I’m not claiming to be, just saying this as an example) you’d call me garbage and say I belong at an even lower rank.

As I stated at first. This whole post is just for me to vent and see if people had similar experiences. You’re just brandishing your gm rank and trying to make others feel bad. Your opinion doesn’t mean anything to me.


Why get mad over something that does not really matter? 2 years have passed in this game and eventually only the veterans will hang around.

I’m not saying Overwatch is dead but eventually over the years it will be. Just enjoy the game as it it and don’t worry about rank or sr.


Last season i went from about 800 to 1800 changing what i play.

I went heals most of the time last season (lucio/zen) and in previous seasons i mostly dps (widow). I did my placements as well as played a few games as widow and found myself this season around 1300ish. Changing to pick lucio most of the time i immediately went up 500 points.

If you dont believe me look at my winrate.

I find bronze to be the most fun rank im not sure why people cant appreciate it for what it is.

I swore id widow one trick this season but i didnt. I want to next season though.


My roommate just got overwatch and placed in bronze. I watched and coached him quite a bit. It was very obvious that he belonged in bronze.

Then he got noticeably better, and doesn’t look like a bronze player anymore. Guess what, hes not in bronze anymore either.


Really? The lowest rank there is doesn’t have great players? Who would have thought.


Hi!!! I’m Bronze, I placed almost gold for the first time I tried Comp.

And yep you’re at the rank you deserved. I got a new account on pc and got to your rank 1000 SR and I was called Smurf on that low level. I just carry the entire team like robots on training…

Unfortunately you have to carry on Bronze, Silver and most Gold, even plat’s games. Your games start in Diamond and you will still up there get smurf problems…

You want to get out of it. Example: If You Better than your team play Zenny, instead of Reigh play Zarya, and so on… . Pharah.

I’m high silver and at my best low gold. You give me your account and i will wipe them out until i reach 1700 SR. play more, learn more, practice more your accuracy and positions and you will notice the diferences. You barely rank up every months so dont be hasty or anxious. most of GM are playing since game came out.

Get better and you will see how you carry them without even a tank or healer. I have gotten 6 dps and win anyways. At your rank i am called smurf, it is so easy for me to crush 1vs1, but in gold i cant adapt to teamwork and due to that i keep losing and returning to bronze with some bad games luck!!!


Of course it is. No matter what rank you are at, you will have a number of problems to deal with:

  • Poor Communication.
  • Poor teamwork.
  • People not understanding the meta
  • Trolls
  • Leavers
  • Smurfs
  • Pony’s

In additional to all the problems above the players in bronze will have the worst:

  • Aim
  • Game Sense.
  • Knowledge of the game.

The crucial point is that on average there are more terrible players on the enemy team, than your team, if you’re not able to win given such a massive advantage … you are where you belong.


You were already better than bronze before you dropped down to bronze to rise again…

That’s not the same as someone who’s skill level is truly bronze.

You can’t sympathize with them. And dont even deceive yourself.

I never heard of the term “Pony’s” in Overwatch before. What does it mean?

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