"bring this experiment to the community somehow"

Amid the discussions of hero bans, Emongg’s tease, and Metro_OW’s leak, I feel like people have mostly moved on from Jeff’s comments about 1-3-2 from last week. I’m not saying hero bans aren’t going to be a thing eventually, but even Metro_OW said his source was different and to take it with a grain of salt. Instead, I’m going to focus on a passing comment from Jeff’s reply in the 1-3-2 thread.

Emongg’s tease did mention that we would get to see the dev’s mindset on things regarding the game. My speculation is that maybe the upcoming update could be about a pseudo-PTR on the live version of the game. I don’t think it could be used to test things that would require new files downloaded such as new heroes, maps, or abilities that require new animations. However, it could test things that the game is already capable of using the current workshop settings, such as hero ability cooldowns, 1-3-2, or even the hero bans. Even I could make 1-3-2 using the workshop and maybe even a hero ban mode if given enough time.
This new experimental mode created using in-game tools could reach the playerbase at large, allowing the team to gauge the popularity and reception on a larger scale than the PTR without the investment of permanently changing the core game. It could be displayed in the arcade or maybe even on the main screen next to QP/Custom games/etc.

If this happens, after 4 years of playing, I’m out and will consider my life wasted.
The same as hero bans.
Good bye.

Even if 132’s just an arcade mode?

You’re opposed to a public testbed for balance or mechanics changes?

Not arcade, that’s no issue. But bring it into competitive or QP and that’s game over for me.
I love arcade modes and I like new things people do, so why can’t it be created by players instead of being threatened as a new thing for comp?

Why the hell would it ruin comp? It’s not like 2-2-2 lock is any more valid than 1-3-2.

222 blocks the ability to have 5 DPS and 1 support. 99% of the time it’s DPS players that refuse to wait 10 minutes for a match that don’t want RQ. The majority of players asked for RQ for years until we finally got it. It’s balanced and prevents your supports taking Hanzo and Widow when they lose their temper or both tanks switching or having 4 support players.

I can’t imagine 132 in its first playable instance would replace current QP and Comp, it’s too massive a change. Then again, Blizzard. :woman_shrugging:

There was an experimental ptr years ago. Except no actual experimentation was performed.

I would hate to see your reaction if something of actual significance happened to you. It’s just a game in the end meant to have fun and entertain. If it isn’t doing this for you, regardless of the reason, it would be wise to not play but don’t consider it a waste of time if you’ve enjoyed it along the way.

Yeah man you know so much about my life to the absolute core of it you know everything that has happened to me has been 100% insignificant.

I spent money on a game I love, I like it the way it is now with some new heroes and maps coming, maybe events too. Comp has been structured and is perfectly fine for the majority of people who aren’t entitled DPS mains that want more more more MORE.

I currently play the game, but I won’t waste my time on it if they’re going to ban heroes and remove RQ. I’ll feel all my time and effort put in has been wasted if the game is then snatched out of my hands by greedy people that don’t want to wait 10 minutes or can’t be bothered to learn a counter to Doomfist.

The experimental PTR was still locked to PC only, since PTR isn’t available to consoles. A public testbed available via the game client proper is a very different animal.

Also, given that the RQ PTR was the most played PTR and capped out around 6000 concurrent users, I think it’s safe to assume they rolled over all the changes in the experimental PTR because no one experimented with it

Never claimed to know so much about your life and didn’t realize that giving advice would trigger you.
If you arnt having fun don’t play is essentially all I said. This isn’t a malicious comment just trying to help you out.
I apologize for upsetting you with my opinion/ just trying to help… have a good day… :man_shrugging:

Gee golly, if only we had a server that was specifically made to test if things worked out, and if they didnt theyd be put away for good.

You know what also stops 5 dps 1 support? 1-3-2. The comps are just as valid either way; that’s my point.