Bring back Workshop

Bring back workshop.

Bring back the ability to change’s ammo with custom game sliders which has been removed and missing since 2018 or so.
On that subject please give us the ability to change Kiriko and Soujourn’s ammo.

Please give us the ability to disable Winston’s secondary fire. I made him melee only with high damage and now that we have transitioned to Overwatch 2 he’s a sniper.

Please, please, please… Let the ammo slider actually change Wrecking Ball’s ammo ammount. (This might actually be a problem with Wrecking Ball in general as damage doesn’t seem changed either.)

Please let Push mode be affected by the ALL settings in modes.

Please fix the sliders for console. They have increasingly become harder to navigate over the years. It used to move by 1% for precision, until we could slide by 5%, until now we just boost all the way to 500%. Fine tuning is 100%. Already a topic on this.

The lobby menu is kinda wonky. At least put spectators on the right side again so those with major lobbies and people waiting don’t have to cross a huge river every time to start/restart a game. This is also a console only problem.

Bots seem uneffected by certain mid game settings changes. If a hero (Roadhog in my case) is 2x bigger and all other heroes are normal sized, and that Roadhog bot swaps to Reinhardt mid game then Reinhardt is suddenly 2x big. Same thing happens with invisibility.

Thank you for putting in cursor warp on slider settings. Thank you for making the in game HUD workshop texts return. Thank you for giving us the ability to change bots mid game without removing them. I assume knockback scalar and other stuff like Orisa’s heating will be configurable soon or is being worked on, thank you for your hard work.

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They’re supposively redoing the whole workshop, so it could be awhile before we get it back.

Also, if youre dying for the editor, you can use the experimental workshop UI which is on

Direct link:


That’s super cool, but I might wait since I’m a console scrubbie. It’s kinda hard for me to test on PC