Bring back Ranks and Borders

What is the point of leveling Up or ranking up if no one gonna see it?
Please blizzard let us see people’s ranks and borders or whatever! I’ve never been worried because someone has a low rank with me! I only worry if someone doesn’t do a thing on my team! so even through removing ranks and borders that won’t make any different!


Think of it as a pat on a back for your eyes only. Your progress doesn’t need an audience to be appreciated. :heart:

I assume there will still be the option to look at peoples profiles if they are not hidden.

There is no point, that’s why they removed leveling up. You’re gonna level up your battlepass and only your battlepass, and you’re gonna do it with a smile on your face and a hop in your step, or else. :policewoman:t4:

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Eh, losing an incentive to perform well is probably not the best for competitive integrity. But whatever.

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You talking bout SR or portrait border levels?

…fr ? You only play to flex and not have fun ? That’s so narcissistic

The SR. It is part of the reason people try as hard as they do to be perfectly honest. In an ideal world, people should not need that motivation, but we that is not ours.

Is it a problem if it’s being replaced by a tier system that pretty much also tracks your progress in the competitive realm?

It just depends on if people care or not. We shall see, I suppose.

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I want to know whether some1 has a new account or not so that if they’re doing too well i could call em out for smurfing and report without hesitation

I wouldn’t care about SR if it didn’t effect my gameplay experience. For ex i hate high silver-low gold since its full of smurfs and noobs doing placements

If there’s anything the forums has taught me, it’s that people care about everything.


The issue is the opposite. People with high rank who are not super good at the game get harrased for being such a high level and not great. I’m plat border for instance with Gold rank, I have been playing since the week Ana was released. I spent most of that time in Arcade, arcade equivalent, or custom games. I am not good at Overwatch, I play for fun and to relax after work. I don’t care if people make fun of me but some players are more sensitive about it and they should not have to get harrased just because they play the game a lot.

No point if you can private your profile

they can remove ranked then, so we can all equally enjoy quick play without any type of toxicity! what is the point of playing ranked if u are not able to see your rank?

It’s so stupid theyre removing borders and levels

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Agreed. I think that would have been the best solution. Even the phone number thing should have been used just for ranked play.

But Blizzard doesn’t seem to know how to take half measures. They say it’s all or nothing. And that’s such a horrible way to run your game.

Having nothing to progress toward besides a battlepass is so boring. Having no way to distinguish yourself from other players based on longevity and experience is so boring.

I don’t know if they just got lazy and didn’t want to design any new borders after diamond or what, but the one reason they gave for removing borders is weak af. Totally would have been solved by just making everyone in ranked have a plain border and that’s it.


The worse part about hidden rank in comp is that idk who or what rank of people I’m playing with. It’s like a glorified quick play. I keep getting good and bad teammates in alternating matches. I’m okay with no player borders but please bring back rank on player border in comp. PLease blizzard.

yes please bring back whats removed