Bring back mass rez

Please explain how Rez is any different from Lucio/Zen denying DPS Ults?

Anywho,I agree. Bring it back. Add a line of sight for it to work. Maybe a brief cast time. The end.

I will never understand how people say “just use ults after the rez to kill them all.”
If you used lets say a grav, you would use 3 ults in total, and they would just use the rez.

The valkyrie ‘spectator mode’ is even worse. By that logic, Pharah is a terrible boring spectator hero.

To be honest, I don’t think rez has ever been in a good spot. Overwatch would be a happier place if it was removed entirely, but it won’t be because it is ‘iconic’.

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If you use Grav into let’s say Barrage or Dragonstrike, that’s only 2 ults; Other remaining ults you have would be able to counter Mercy coming in for Res. Shatter, Deadeye, EMP, Self-Destruct, Minefield, etc.
Those ults work well because if Mercy pulls off a 5 man res, that means that the enemy team is grouped relatively close together, making it so that an AOE ult easily wipes the team again. Mass Res punishes poor ult usage and poor ult economy.
I also don’t get how you can compare Valkyrie to Pharah in any way other than “lol they fly xd.”

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I feel like you were just hitting refresh looking for a decent topic to pin this to.

Still funny though

scrolling down as fast as I can to comment no

That meta was not fun, healthy, or exciting. Mercy would literally be picked up from somewhat ok to 100% meta again. That is not good.

When I post on mobile, I have a small imgur album I’ve been adding to of reaction images for this place. I grow it as I use them. I’ve just already used that exact image like a bajillion times here already so I had it on deck

And I don’t get how people call valkyrie ‘spectator mode’ when you gain enhanced, superior abilities. I get the feeling people who say that are just complaining for the sake of complaining.

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I see what your point is, but when people compare Valkyrie or call it Spectator Mode, they know that it can does a lot, but it just doesn’t feel like it does.

Resurrect is quaking. But in all seriousness the only enhanced ability is guardian angel. Her primary and secondary don’t count as abilities. Also it gets to the point where everything in valk is just so much better there is no need to actually get into the heat of the fight unless you want a higher chance to die. Also Valkyrie just enhances Mercy’s basic kit to the point where all you need to do is fly away somewhere far away and hold m1. (or m2 if you wanna get risque)

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I personally call Valkyrie spectator mode because like 9 times out of 10, I don’t even do anything in it besides keep healing my team because they need the sustain. I’d go off and kill the widow or something, but by the time I get back my team would probably die. It probably wouldn’t be called Spectator Mode if Valkyrie did away with the chain beams and just provided a super beefed up version of one single beam. Chain beams eliminates Mercy’s need to juggle targets, but having 1 powerful beam would still keep that part of her playstyle and make her more engaging.

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I understand that valkyrie doesn’t boost the power of her healing or damage boost, but it does do the chain effect. You are right in the sense that it gets rid of the skill in playing Mercy. I don’t think any other heroes ults just make them easier to play.

Well thank you for somewhat understanding our thought process <3 Most people just yell at us.


So you are basically saying her ult is just boring and makes her easier to play for 15 seconds?

I suppose. She’s already a mechanically easy hero to play, but Valkyrie just dumbs it down even more. However, since she doesn’t have intense mechanics, it’s easier to track enemy ultimates and positioning. It’s easier to get a feel for the flow of the game, and it was what made Mass Res so fun to use imo. You get a moment of glory that would either pay off if you were able to track the enemy well enough, or get destroyed if the enemy had a surprise ultimate in hand.
EDIT: That isn’t to say that Valkyrie can’t be effective. It’s fairly easy to get value out of it just because of how long the duration is. Pulling off a risky res becomes easier in Valk, but her beams leave much to be desired.

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I disagree, 5 man rez isnt something i want in the game. So the changes theyve made are good with me. Debbie NEXT!!!

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I know right? Suicidal Reins.

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Me when I play against brig.

“Rien we need you to stand in the choke”
“Oh hell no you wanna tank be my god damn guest”

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Commas are important.

what no way who would ever use punctuasion or gramror or spellingz

Yes another Mercy rework please! Also here is Titaniums latest thread about the issue.