BRING BACK Competitive Solo Deathmatches~!


This needs to be a PERMANENT part of the competitive part of the game! Comp Team DM, Comp Solo DM and other combinations!! I can’t tell you how much fun I have doing solo DM when it is up vs qp with loss after loss after loss. PLEASE MAKE THIS A COMPETITIVE PERMANENT part of Overwatch.


If all you do is loss after loss after loss in QP, why do you think it will be different in comp DM?


it isn’t a matter of thinking it will be different in COMP Solo DM, it IS DIFFERENT. Playing based on only your own abilities is amazing, and hugely validating. I love it! And now we have to wait for DM to come around whenever arcade feels like it, which also sucks :((


Comp DM is amazing indeed.


It is just a really fun mode and a solid addition to competitive if you ask me. Not to mention, it really forces someone into the mentality that losing is 100% their fault. They have no excuses in FFA. Personally, I think it would be a good thing for the community to bring 8 player FFA competitive DM as a regular competitive mode.


DM players RISE UP. :fist:


On the contrary, people routinely blame matchmaking and smurfs for their losses. FFA is no different. Not to mention, the last time comp DM was a thing, I would get +10SR for a 1st place, +2SR for a 4th place, -40SR for a 5th place, and -80SR for a 8th place. This all while having GMs and OWL pros in my games. There’s plenty of excuses people can and will make.


Comp Deathmatch Comp 4v4 Team Deathmatch were both amazing. I honestly hope Blizzard considers adding them in permanently.


I personally like the mode a lot, however I think the reason they dont make it permanent is because the game is poorly balanced around DM and people would start to complain a lot if it went on for too long.

At the end of last comp DM it became pretty clear that only reaper hog and cree were viable at the highest ranks.


No, a lot of players hate this mode and a lot of people will get screwed over if they get this mode.


Those people need not play DM Comp if they hate it though. The point system should be separate I think.


Well, it’s back for a bit. Let’s all enjoy it while it lasts.


By your post, you made it seem like to make it part of comp rotation like with 2cp, payload etc


Hi Razor

No I mean when you click on comp match (as in Arcade) it gives you several comp options… 4v4, team comp, solo comp etc. that would be kewl :slight_smile:


Ah ok, yea it would be. Granted, I feel like the Overwatch team wouldn’t do this since it is a lot to manage, and they probably want to keep it seasonal.

Giving players the option to play these modes in order to get Comp points would be nice so they don’t “ruin” normal Comp games since some people aren’t good in competitive team enviroments.


Well I see it is up now for the first time in months!! I want to say even over a year since I’ve last seen it, and I’m just spam playing it as much as I can because it’ll probably disappear after a week :(( Gloriously happy to have it back tho!