Brigitte's stealth nerf

So the cone hitbox on her bash, that you already nerfed once in the previous patch, is now an “unintended bug” and is now made pixel perfect instead. I can’t wait to experience all the fun that goes with her ghost shield bash where she dashes through enemies without stunning them, great patch blizzard.


I didn’t get much time today but I played Brig for a round and didn’t notice any difference with her shield bash feeling unreliable. I don’t think this bug fix will really translate into a nerf.


same, played her earlier, and i connected all my shield bashes that were in range

I do know they said they lowered the hit box before… not sure if this is an addition to that or perhaps it didn’t work right all the time. Either way I still can’t understand the absolute hate people have for Brigitte. Sure her CC can be annoying, but she’s hardly the only hero with a stun or knock back.

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Its almost like she has both on short cds, and people dont like feeling helpless on every hero once brig is within 6m, holds down m1 a bit, then does the 155dmg combo.


Latency is the main factor which makes this a nerf, Most of the community are not playing the game on 30 ms. Not everyone was experiencing a consistent ghost rocket punch with doomfist, yet it was a thing until it got fixed.