Brigitte made Winston F tier, and it's a problem

Brigitte has a pretty harsh limit on skill development. About the only way to improve with her is through better timing and positioning. She has nothing mechanically to improve with if you don’t include her whip shot.

This is more a case of waiting for the player base to adjust to her. It’s very similar to how things went down with Moira. Moira is a strong hero but doesn’t enable other heroes like Brigitte does. Since the meta has shifted so drastically everyone’s playing catch up and not sure how to deal with her.

Most players choose to mirror success when they see it instead of problem solving a better solution. This is why everyone is screaming about a forced meta. They see Brigitte do well so everyone tries to emulate that success.

I expect her to fall off drastically by then end of the season. Her armor nerf will guarantee that.

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Currently sitting at 57% Winston win rate. He’s actually pretty good in certain situations. As Winston you shouldn’t be directly engaging Brigitte. Let your main tank start the engage and then hop onto backline. Keep your distance from Brigitte and engage her when you see her use shield bash.

  1. This is a Reinhardt Issue, not Brigitte or Doomfist. The same thing happens with any melee skill. They all go through shields. I am not gonna tell you how to play Rein, but I haven’t had too many issues dealing with Bri as Rein when I have a good team supporting me. It may be different in higher teirs, but I can’t comment on above plat experiences.

  2. It was because they want to make seasons feel more unique. The reason to let people get used to her was just BS, and it was shown that making people wait longer did not change anything. People still went into Comp with zero time played as Bri. Same as when the wait time was only 1 week.

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You’re right.

Tracer didn’t until now, and Brigitte’s ability to do that is still up for debate.

Genji didn’t until Brigitte was released, and it’s really only if there’s also a Moira on the board.

Soldier doesn’t have one because he also happens to have one of the higher per-reload damage capacities in the game with a 20+ meter damage falloff.

As for Pharah and Junkrat not forcing brigitte to switch, IMO that’s the community’s fault for QQing incessantly about Junkrat. His old grenades would have made minced meat out of her. Now he has to get into her combo range to reliably get work done. So as far as I’m concerned, you guys did that to yourselves.

Pharah should be pretty good at it, but there aren’t many pharah mains out there because she wasn’t quite mobile enough for the dive meta. A good pharah will know specifically how to focus a single target when most merely adequate pharahs will stop once their target moves behind cover.

Good Genji’s tend to be too ADD to focus anyone down enough to make them switch off, though if you can’t make a widowmaker’s life a living hell on the weeb-king, you’re doing something wrong (or you’re playing against Fleta or Kephrii or something).

Reaper…is Reaper. I have no idea what they’re going to do with him. Hopefully Zarya coming back into the meta makes him more usable. Honestly though, he pairs beautifully with Brigitte if the Brigitte player knows how to hold onto her damn whip shot.

Most heroes have counters that can be hard with a certain amount of single-mindedness on the part of the counter-player. We’re still looking for Brigitte’s counter, and I think that’s the main problem. People need to not have a melt down just because things are scary and new.

Doubly so if you main a dive hero. You’ve had it so easy for so long it’s shameful.

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There are no hard counters in overwatch.

Like I said, Winston will still be useful. Just not as useful. He has to be wary of the one-second stun she packs, but now with the CD nerf his leap CD is shorter. That means she can stun him once. Not every time he tries to leap.

That makes it his job to survive, and his team’s job to support him. The buff they’re bringing up for Ana will help him tremendously, which is good since that was supposed to be ana’s job in the first place. She was just really, really bad at it.

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Doomfist’s punch has already been explained why it’s ok vs. Brigitte’s bash.

The answer is that Doomfist’s punch has knockback which pushes you back into your team, and the stun isn’t nearly as long as Brigitte’s.

And she still has 0 use for it.

Plenty of exceptions in Overwatch. Look at Junkrat and Not an excuse.

I’d rather not play the Zarya/Brigitte Lottery and hope that she can always bubble me instead of anyone else in danger. and Bash has a shorter cooldown than Bubble so, doesn’t always work.

Other than her no one really has the ability to help me. None of the tanks can support me other than Zarya, and it’s not possible for any DPS to get through that amount of Shield health if they have a Reinhardt escorting her.

I’m in Gold, so I wouldn’t know. She’s only the third most picked here and I still despise her.

Are you sure about that?

Doesn’t matter if it worked or not, or if they go into comp with no experience. The result is still the same, Brigitte is way too strong against main tanks, making them unfun to play and the whole main tank experience to feel awful.

She needs a change to be less effective against main tanks, which none of the nerfs on PTR adress. So I will still voice my gripes about Brigitte.

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She hard counters 4/6 tanks in the game, we don’t have many options here.

With what damage does she hard counter tanks? You do understand that her damage output is really, really low outside of her combo. Yes?

She’s not out here burning tanks, but she gives her team a great opportunity to do so.

Reinhardt - Stunned and knocked to the back of his team every 4 seconds. Earthshatter gets cancelled way more often.

Winston - Literally useless if he’s in a 20m vicinity of Briggite, but even if he isn’t, everyone has the freaking armour.

Roadhog - Breather stunned, Whole Hog stunned, hooks are tough to follow up with the combination of Briggite’s repair packs and ultimate armour. - Like Winston

At this point tanks are literally just using their huge healthpools to body block stuns for their team.
Have you not seen all the videos and comments and articles etc. talking about how crappy a spot tanks are in?


So, running the math, It takes Winston just over 4 seconds to kill Brigitte. 60 DPS vs 250 health is just over 4. This isn’t including the leap into melee that everyone but me seems to be able to do.

It takes Brigitte about 8 seconds to kill winston, just with her standard melee. If you include her 150 combo, Winston drops down to 350 which will still take her 6 seconds to deal with.

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Hyperbole. She drops his damage by about 1/3rd. She doesn’t negate it completely unless she’s pulled out her ultimate which is not a fair comparison since ultimates are supposed to be highly impactful like that.

I mean, Zen’s ult can do the same thing, but I’m not seeing you beg for Zen nerfs because of it.

Did you know that Mercy’s healing beam completely negates winston’s damage too? And in valk she can do it for her whole team for up to fifteen seconds!

You just don’t actually have an argument here.

I mean, you’re literally saying, “If this healer is within healing range of winston, she’s OP because she heals his target!”

Yeah…she’s a healer. They do that.

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If Winston gets anywhere near Briggite he’s gonna get stunned. sometimes even twice before he can leap out. The combination of passive healing and armour makes it incredibly hard for Winston to get any damage in.
I think you should try playing Winston against Briggite before saying these things.

Not anymore. Leap’s CD is 5 seconds. Shield Bash’s is now 6.

Great. so maybe he’ll be able to escape after doing 50 damage to a Zenyatta over 5 seconds.

I’d rather not have a stale meta that’s been in this game for almost a year. (Also would like to point out it makes some characters absolutely invalid to play, not just a handful.)
OWL is boring and confusing- lest you literally cherry-pick a play and ‘play it back’, because Dive was the biggest thing ran.
Now that Brig’s out, I severely hope the meta changes just so I don’t have to see monkey-meka-team force go every day I watch that chizz.
I also hate playing against Tracer with a passion. If you have a kit that’s too forgiving, you ought to have a counter.
So, if you’re complaining about Brigitte, just wait for the next hero. I expect it to be a Anti-CC Tank or an Anti-CC Def. Hero.


Winston will kill Brigitte before Brigitte kills winston.


You’re forgetting about stun and passive heal?
Winston loses a 1v1 against Briggite every day.

I did not forget about the stun; in fact, I mentioned it right here

, and the passive heal would have to run for the full 4 seconds before it negates one second of Winstons DPS. So that’s 5 seconds instead, and still not including Winston’s Burst damage from landing on brigitte.

Winston does lose to Brig unfortunately, but that’s why I play Rein and Orisa to out-damage her and ruin her stun fun.

Edit: Rein- not so much, but he’s still viable when she’s in smacking distance and already-used up.

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I’m pretty sure Brigitte forces Genji switch now, and Tracer is pretty close.

But It’s not just these three (prior to Brigitte) that didn’t have hard counters that force the switch. McCree (subpar as he is), Sombra, Hanzo, Widow, Junkrat, Mei, etc don’t really have any “predator” that force them to switch. Neither do D.Va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog or Zarya.

These heroes are usually switched off because their abilities don’t compliment their team, rather than some hero on the enemy team completely shuts them down, as is the case of Brigitte vs Winston/Reaper.

You cannot forsake balancing Junkrat for a Brigitte counter. Junkrat got nerfed because apparently Blizzard believe he needed to be nerfed to balance. Keeping Junkrat overtuned to counter an overtuned Brigitte makes ZERO sense. Both should be properly balanced.

This is assuming old Junkrat would even force Brigitte to switch. (He couldn’t.)

“There aren’t many Pharah mains out there”? What? Just because people didn’t play Pharah as much in dive meta doesn’t mean those people are not good at her. Pharah isn’t about focusing a target but controlling an area. She’s highly map dependent to be able to “counter” any hero to begin with.

No, just because there is a Genji doesn’t mean Widow will be in living hell. Genji is favored at close range and Widow at long. It is a skill match up and playing Genji against Widow doesn’t force Widow to switch off.

He pairs beautifully with Brigitte if the enemy team doesn’t have a Brigitte.

I think the main problem is that some people think it’s okay to have dive heroes not viable even if it means making Brigitte imbalanced. Like I said having such hard counter to Winston Genji and Reaper is a problem since Brigitte has no such hard counter herself, and it isn’t because things are “scary and new.”

Please. Dive isn’t even used on majority of the ranked games. Playing a dive hero without going a dive comp; without actually executing it with good coordination and communication is as effective as playing a non-dive hero, which is to say, nothing “easy.”