Brigitte is a necessary evil

In order for every single game to not be dominated by a Tracer, there needs to be hard counter to her. Before Brigitte, she used to have none. Pharah DID NOT counter her, her rockets were and are, far too slow to consistently hit a Tracer.

McCree also did not counter her, since good Tracers have no problem one clipping McCrees because of his giant hitbox. Sure, McCree could land a flashbang and then a headshot, but keep in mind flashbang is on a 12 second cooldown. As long as it is on cooldown, he has no chance of fighting a tracer.
Lucio does decently against her, but I’d say it’s an even match up, he doesn’t counter her but he can challenge her pretty well. Finally Roadhog. Well, Roadhog is free ult charge for a good Tracer, and again, it’s very hard to hit a hook just with like a flashbang.

This essentially only leaves Brigitte as a counter, and yeah, she does do well against her with ease. And why is that a problem to some people?

My point is that it is very hard to counter a Tracer, but every other hero in the game has a hard counter that can easily shut them down. So why should Tracer be the only one who needs to take so much effort to shut down?

I’m not saying Brigitte shouldn’t be toned down or anything like that, but her ability to one shot Tracer is a necessary evil.

I’m talking from an objective standpoint. I don’t encounter good tracers often. I don’t care, but I’m referring to high level play where she completely dominated games. Mostly in OWL.


Dude, you’re plat. Tracer wasn’t even very good in plat.

Tracer’s dominance was highly overestimated. It was only at the very high end, and even arguable there as she certainly shared the crown with Genji at least.


Tracer isn’t even that dominant in Diamond, hell, she not even that dominant in masters

Brigitte is an unneeded bag of CC and when you have your main tank buster, Reaper, having issues with a half tank.

there’s an issue


One day OWL teams will catch on and recruit gold/plat Tracers. They’re the true oppressive and dominating gods of this game.


I’m talking from an objective standpoint. I don’t encounter good tracers often. I don’t care, but I’m referring to high level play where she completely dominated games. Mostly in OWL.

I’ll add this to my post, I wanna avoid the exact same replies over and over again.


a) Please stop acting as if Brigitte is the sole hero in OW that has CC (her stun lasts 1 sec exactly and was nerfed 2 times).
b) Compare the damage a Reaper does with Brigg’s, you know there is a difference there for a reason.


I know right.

fear the Bronze Tracer main, they’ll kill you on the 65th pulse bomb…and then themselves


ELO has nothing to do with OP’s post lol. He was just saying “X” hero is necessary because of “X” hero.


She didn’t simply add annoying nonsense to the game.
And she didn’t even simply make the game overall worse.
There is nothing positive that Brigitte brought to the game.

Same with Doomfist.


After the pulse bomb nerf its more like 84th…


There is also nothing positive about you whining nonstop about these two Heroes, either.


Personally I am still waiting for all those “Easy Climb” Brigs to be Grandmaster. Must be like 20% of all players in GM one-tricking Brig, right? Since she is soooo dominant and soooo easy to climb with.


My point was that the dominance of Tracer was greatly overstated and she was only a problem for less than one percent of the playerbase.

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Yep, me too. But, for a mystic reason, all we see is the presentation of one diamond player playing with friends getting better in the game and actually climbing up (can you imagine that?). Must be the broken char, no matter with many others staying or trying to keep up in their elo and being countered through games.


That was obviously not what the dev’s thought bringing Brig into the game.


It’s easy to smoke her booteyo as Lucio though.

It’s sad that they took a character that seems interesting and made her hated by many people gamewise, just because they didn’t wanted to properly nerf/change their poster girl.


Brigitte seems kind of uninteresting as a character, actually. She has a pretty thin and bland backstory and her match comments are mostly annoying.


Definitely disagree on all accounts.

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I do completely disagree. I like her as character and find her interaction with the team fun, also she helped develop both Reinhardts and Torbjörn story lines in addition to her own.

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