Brig Needs a massive rework

Power creep is subjective and even before Brigitte was released, there were heroes that could be considered as “power creep” when they were put together in the same team.

And my example still stands. A lot of abilities or heroes can be power creep in the right meta, yet I don’t see people yelling for nerfs.

The hate against Brig must come to an end. She didn’t need the recent PTR nerfs and even less a rework. People just need to adapt and switch. And if the current meta is problematic, we can still add new heroes to change it or buff certain heroes. No need to destroy a hero like Brigitte.

Give us an example of how you would rework her then.

A way i would do it us to make her a fully tank.

Just as crucial as Rein, Lucio or Moira for the Goat meta. Take away one of these and and a lot of meta would be useless.

Hammond can be considered power creep in the current Goat meta. But again, it’s just a point of view. I don’t mind you thinking you know everything better than anyone but if you were just less stubborn, you would acknowledge this is just your personal opinion that you’re trying to forcing on everyone, right ?

But again it’s a trend to discuss and bash Brigitte so I’m not surpised at all.

First of all, I would like to say my information is biased since I main Widowmaker, but aren’t we all somewhat biased?

Brigitte, without a doubt was causing unnecessary problems when she was released, but I never had much of an issue with her. She is, in my opinion, the most poorly designed character the developers ever released. I think she is more trouble than she’s worth, but a rework is not the answer I believe. These shield bash nerfs will do a lot.


Exactly, tha’ts what I’m trying to show the OP but I guess it’s very hard. We all have heroes we don’t like to play against but we should never ask for nerfs or reworks just because we have trouble against them.

I find it incredibly selfish to ruin the fun to others just because we can’t accept some heroes are hard to counter. That’s what baffles me the most with the OW community every since the forum became a “please nerf this hero” mania.


power creep

  1. (collectible games, video games, role-playing games) The situation where updates to a game introduce more powerful units or abilities, leaving the older ones underpowered.

Something old becoming strong because of a new meta =/= power creep. Imbalanced maybe, power creep no. New heroes or reworks that are generally always better picks than other heroes in the same role regardless of meta = power creep.

Pretty sure it’s been like that since it’s inception.

The thing with Brigitte is that her counters are rather… uncomfortable at the moment.

I still can’t see why this would only apply to the addition of Brigitte.

If Brigitte was there since the game’s release, adding Lucio in 2018 would also be power creep then because the speedboost would enhance Brigitte’s melee abilities (coming at enemies faster etc…). Lucio would then deserve a hard nerf and a rework ?

speaking of that

is this good enough?

I swear even if brig had one hp people would still never stop and find something better to do.

Its over.
Go actually play Overwatch instead of playing Overwatch Forums.

Brigitte did not cause power creep, she is the RESULT of power creep. Years ago, when people asked for nerfs to Tracer and/or Genji, there was a considerable part of the forums that insisted these two flankers were perfectly balanced. These defenders claimed that those heroes just needed more effective counters.

That’s why so many heroes who were supposed to be good against them (i.e. Mei, Junk, etc.) have been buffed. That’s why we got Moira. That’s why we got Brigitte. Tracer and Genji had a power level higher than most of the cast, so in order to make the rest of the cast equal to them that required buffs and specifically-designed heroes to reach that high power level.

People who believed Tracer should be the balancing baseline were, quite simply, stupid. If you set the baseline at the top of the food chain you’re going to have issues. Soldier: 76 should’ve been the baseline (because he was and still is the most balanced hero) and then we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.


I’ve been there since day 1. The first toxicity was about the one tricks VS flex people. The nerf mania became very present after Roadhog’s nerf (that was unfair). Who knows what it could have been, hadn’t the community pressured the devs into nerfing heroes like this.

in 2016, there were more buffs that nerfs actually, if I remember well.

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I say:

  • remove the knockback from her longshot.
  • longshot now does 100 damage
  • longshot has a 6 second cooldown

  • shieldbash no longer stuns
  • instead disables all movement abilities for 1 second
  • slows enemies momentum down 90%
  • knocks back around 5m
  • shieldbash also now initiates self heal

  • repair pack no longer heals 150 instantly
  • now heals over 4 seconds (with armor overheal)
  • heals at 40HP/s
  • bonus armor caps out at 50 but is permanent

And that’s my idea for a Brig rework

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We all know what happens with reworks in general :disappointed_relieved: !

If Brig is reworked she’ll either be like Mercy 2.0 when she first got released or very underpowered like all of the Symmetra’s reworks.

The biggest problem is that people from this community keep asking for nerfs or reworks, yet they’re never happy with them. Just look at Hanzo, a lot of people were complaining about scatter arrow and now they would gladly have it back 'cause they don’t like storm arrow.

Maybe they would be happy if Hanzo got no “e” ability, period.

The only example of a good rework I could think of is Torb and yet he can still be considered as a troll pick.


I think this is pretty good.

I’d like to see her AOE heals/armour toned down and more emphasise on repair packs.

Inspire and rally are basically the reason why GOATS is so effective. Her current inspire buffs are going to make GOATS a lot more poweful

The “buffs” to inspire actually don’t do anything significant. It changes her heals per second from 16 to 16.6 repeated. Since you’re triggering .the inspire on cool down ideally and repeated triggers don’t stack the increased healing doesn’t do anything impactful.

That’s good then. I guess they just wanted to make inspire last a bit longer

Come get your armor.

I do miss that from Torb :frowning: That and his level 3 turret