Brig Needs a massive rework


She caused so much power creep and has been a crucial part of each meta since her release (GravDrag, Double sniper, CC meta and GOATS)

I don’t think Brig should be deleted since they never will delete a hero anyway. But she needs some massive rework to make her what she is meant to be. An anti dive support, not a DPS-Tank-Support Hybrid that can have an extreme amount of effect on the game for a only tiny amount of effort.


You forgot triple support, for how short lived that was before the hanzo rework.


I’m thinking that they could probably redesign Brig either without a stun (or at least a much shorter stun).


Hey another Brigitte Hate Thread wow it get so bored

We have so many Brigitte Nerf Threads of Whiners who dont want to learn how to counter her i really think Blizzard should make a Tv Show of it


So you’re just gonna call me a “whiner” without acknowledging any of my points?

I never said I found it impossible to kill Brig, or that she is uncounterable. What I said is that : she caused power creep (which is true), she has been a crucial part of each meta since her release (which is also true) and that she is the ultimate flex pick that outputs a lot of effect on the game for little effort (true again).

But no, ofcourse I’m just a silly whiner who doesn’t know how to counter brigs. I personally don’t find Brigs too annoying, but her influence on that game as a whole is too much.


Dude they already killed her on ptr. Relax, its over.


If they rework her just hope it’s more like Torb and less like… any of the others


It’s funny. Where’s the people calling for a Brig megathread?


All the heroes need massive rework then.

Rez is power creep.

Dash reset is power creep.

Recalling not punishing you when you recall to a moment where you were low Hp is power creep.

Junk’s tire’s radius is power creep.

Flashbang is power creep.

Anti-heal is power creep.

I could go on and on with examples. If all heroes are similar to one another, this game would look like CS Go. Why create a game that already exists ?


Power Creep is when new things that are added are a lot more powerful than there predecessors and the originals slowly become uselesss.

Literally none of this is power creep (except maybe Ana since she was technically added after release).

You have no idea what power creep is


And of course Brig is the only hero that is power creep.

Biased pretty much ?


I never said Brig was the only hero that is powercreep.

Just that your examples aren’t power creep at all and it’s obvious you don’t understand the basic concept of power creep.


just as obvious that you are biased. So if Brig was released in 2016, would you still be making this thread. And of course your thread is not related to the current Brig hate ?

You’re fooling no one mate. I see clearly what you’re tring to do. Brig needs no rework.


No. Buff Brigitte. Buff Doomfist. Buff any hero added after beta. I want to see this game die - fast.

Maybe one day, when Bli$$ard’s “best devs” are no longer working on mobile games we can talk about Overwatch 2.0.


No what he’s saying is you don’t understand the definition of power creep. Being OP =/= power creep. Like your last post is factually incorrect.


Is this about the Ana bionade? Ana caused a massive imbalance but was then nerfed to oblivion. Finally she has been buffed a bit again. Anti Nade was always the same and never changed. The only thing too powerful about her is the nano heal, it needs to be toned down to 200/250.

Probably not because she likely would’ve already been nerfed to oblivion then maybe reworked/buffed into a balanced state?

Brig caused massive power creep, some other heroes may have too. But none as much as Brig. I don’t even dislike brig personally. But as a whole I can see she is contributing a lot to the death of this game



This thread doesn’t make sense to me. If Lucio was released instead of Brig, it would have also given something that wasn’t present before : speedboost.

Just because Brig was released afterwards doesn’t mean she’s the one that needs a rework. Maybe the problem isn’t there. It’s just a thought.

Again, Brigitte is not the problem. It’s easy to blame one single hero for a meta that you don’t like very much.


She is though. All of the meta I listed Brig played a crucial role. They wouldn’t have been possible if Brig wasn’t in the game.

Yes? That’s right. New =/= Power Creep. Hammond isn’t power creep, Orisa isn’t power creep, etc.


Power creep is subjective and even before Brigitte was released, there were heroes that could be considered as “power creep” when they were put together in the same team.

And my example still stands. A lot of abilities or heroes can be power creep in the right meta, yet I don’t see people yelling for nerfs.

The hate against Brig must come to an end. She didn’t need the recent PTR nerfs and even less a rework. People just need to adapt and switch. And if the current meta is problematic, we can still add new heroes to change it or buff certain heroes. No need to destroy a hero like Brigitte.


Give us an example of how you would rework her then.

A way i would do it us to make her a fully tank.