Brig is not getting a Tank rework confirmed*

“Bring is not getting a tank reword confirmed”

-Does not have any confirmation what sowever

Go do your clickbait somewhere else Doomfish


In what world is a 4 year development time rushing? That is more on the slow side.

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what about bastion?
hes my main, ive earned atleast a hint for playing him for so long

He’s getting a Halloween skin.

Source: I bugged the water cooler.


Go home jester you’re drunk


Possible rework number 2 after seeing game play and feed back from players.

Bastion skin coming.

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I don’t get why Ana is allowed to keep the the strongest CC cooldowns while Brig has to lose the probably worst stun in the game.


Because “Skill” apparently.

cuz landing sleep darts on fat tanks is hard according to forumers


I have asked that question and the answers suggested came down to Ana needing sleep dart for survival while Brig still has a shield for defense.

No its alright, I am Doomfish, you don’t have to edit that (the forceable retired Sym Support main with Aspergers who also silenced 1000 years from the forums.)

Guess AndyB is just confirming my suspensions of extra work coming for Devs that could have been avoided. But we will see if it’s worth it.

Anyway, got to focus elsewhere. (just made breakfest, now about to clean up after pans cool off.)

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They could nerf sleep dart’s duration, as well as remove the minimum duration or reduce it by a lot, in exchange for adding a “Drowzy” effect waking up which disables movement abilities & Slows down the target

i feel like this would accomplish fixing it being very effective against tanks while keeping its defensive value for ana

So far what we seen is an increase CD for sleep dart. They might reduce the duration.

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I feel like the pros would have said so if it was changed, wasnt ana avaiable during the playtest anyways?

i feel like

  • Duration reduced from 5 —> 2
  • Minimum duration reduce to 0.5s
  • Targets who wake up have 33% reduced movement speed for 3 seconds
  • Targets who wake up are crippled (Mobility skills disabled) for 3 seconds
  • Keep the cooldown as is on OW1

i feel like thats a fair compromise

tanks who either dont really have mobility or have much more survivability wont be as affected, while flankers who rely on mobility as their only means of defense will probably be in a death sentence

I am not sure if they plan to add extra effects for sleep dart. It seems the devs are simplifying OW2 like how they changes all health affecting ability to just be over health.

im pretty sure thats just to nerf brig tbh

Honestly besides everything else going on with other Supports (looking at those unjust Mercy nerfs, Bapt questionable DPS output and overpowered Zen Discord Orb.)

I thought Brig was the most well done in how they handled her balancing.

But then again, DPS Pros are never happy with her.

I whished they would keep the CC abilities on the supports. It is a way to support the team too.
This whole “anti CC agenda” could’ve been avoided if the devs just released a support with a cleanse.


Nah removing shield bash stun completly is bad

at the very least it should have a stronger knockback effect, a cripple or at the very least a slow

shield bash as purely mobility or damage skill just feels terrible

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Well they have achieved their goal then since Brig lost stun, armor giving ultimate, and probably a healing reduction in OW2.

I hope they give her something besides an increase in shield bash damage and distance traveled.