Brig is not getting a Tank rework confirmed*

I don’t know, being able to re-enter a fight faster does wonders.

76, Tracer and specially Lucio all proved that.

Plus other major tactical advantages.

Really wouldn’t view their rough “one size fits all” nerf to healers as their final version of OW2 healers.

Yeah the anti CC agenda is dumb

This might be a hot take, but CC is not the problem in overwatch

the problem is Chain CC you can survive and outplay being stunned for 0.75s, but you cant do anything about being hit with a flashbang a shield bash a sleep then hooked into a charge and all of that stuff

All they needeed to do is add Diminishing returns To CC,

like after getting hit by a stun, all CC effects over the next…second or second and a half are reduced by 75-90% in duration

unlikely, they seem to just be murdering tanks and supports in exchange for a more DPSy game

I mean but its not exactly “Better” than now mobility-wise, is it?

same cooldown, same distance traveled

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You should focus on worrying about Main Tanks Grey, and I will worry about the Utility Supports.

What is Brig’s purpose in OW2 so far? She no longer counters and cannot peel with repair packs. I guess she still has boop on whip shot.

The damage increase is negligible since most divers and flankers can move out of range even when hit by shield bash.

Well, just wish people would post more design ideas, in their own standalone design posts, with formatting for low attention spans, rather than just cynical grumblings.

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Ideas eventually dry out man.

I know.

Been mod testing with several Bethesda Modding communities.

i mean honestly i can understand why people dont do that anymore, didnt the devs themselves literally tell people Not to post suggestions? only say the problem and dont offer any solutions?

personally i think thats a terrible way to recieve feedback, but allright

I will ask what should the goal be for Brig? I personally would like her to be more brawly, but people have an adverse reaction with the mere mention of more health and shield hp for Brig.

every hero is getting a rework though. The size may vary but mostly every hero will be changed so your logic doesn’t make much sense

He just likes this kind of thing - look at his handle.

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K, I’ve mostly be playing Deep Rock.

Also Back4Blood is out today.

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Probably more brawly, and fun in Gold/Plat ELOs.

I meant in a past tense.

Anyway AndyB didn’t have to necro this sole topic

Hopefully is not trying to mislead us.

But again, as I have been for awhile. (50/50 on the whole.)

Necro is like a week +

Not just a few hours


How is 20 hours a necro?


My oh my the tea is hot today :tea: :hot_face:

“Light” Necro… Technially it was “silent” for 8, where most likely went to sleep.

Anyway need to focus cleaning.

I think you’re reading too much into this.

Devs only got about 65 business days left until OW2 needs to be in Pros hands to practice for season 5.

They aren’t going to spend it on an elaborate Brig rework.

Necro applies to threads that have gone weeks without a reply, not one day.