Brig is not getting a Tank rework confirmed*

Reply is instant response.

This has an obvious delay, on a topic that was about to “sleep with the others”.

Plus there were other topics about Bastion I am sure.

Shield gen’s base is the same as the teleporter’s, which wasn’t being removed. Not that the devs are necessarily unwilling to remodel an ability that’s about to go, but shield gen would require minimal work (if any, it might even use the same model file as the teleporter).

Anyway, have to go afk.

This isn’t a chatroom, it’s a forum. Replies can come in minutes or hours.

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^ definitely this. And even via chatroom, text, or email. Responding to a person 8-9 hours later is still considered a reply.

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Just to manage expectations: no, that is not confirmed, alluded to, or even coyly winked about in my post.


Okay, good to know.

(20 not confirms)


I know this is a little off topic but I try my luck every time you’re around…

Is there ANY plans for Pharah changes in ow2? Maybe a new/reworked ult that isn’t a suicide bombing button and that you don’t gotta pre-plan to die before using? :pleading_face:


I think we saw some Pharah OW2 rework changes already.

They were just not announced what they were.

It’s a sad reflection of the forums when it’s necessary for a community manager to tell us a ridiculous leap of logic and a satirical follow up is not the same thing as an official confirmation.

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More of a reflection of past developer forum interactions.

I’m glad AndyB is around to add clarity to what was once a hub of somewhart cryptic and vague comments from certain devs.

Was this thread just a trap for the staff to confirm the opposite? :thinking:

I mean not like anyone was expecting brig rework as a tank but still…

So am I but you cannot deny the forum has a history of simple taking what they would like from devs comments rather than taking what was actually said.

You think overhealing isn’t a thing in Overwatch 2? I expect the archetype to be expanded upon.

Brig Rework with OWL last week or the week before was kinda already confirmation.

Pretty sure they were glad with it.

But yeah was just finishing off the rest for the opposite.

Aka yes

brig reworked into Schrödinger’s cat (she already has the cat emote and everyone still wants jetpack cat, it’s all connected)

I got my wish lol nice


Also, they could absolutely scale up her character model a bit without impacting the skins. And all of the heroes are getting a remodel anyway, so the existing skins have to be converted.

The actual evidence that Brigitte is not undergoing a major rework at the moment is that she was playable as a support in the OWL playtests. A number of heroes were disabled during that playtest including Doomfist, who we know is being considered for a role change. That doesn’t mean that a major rework is out of the question, only that they felt confident enough with her state in that build to show her gameplay publicly.

At least OP’s name checks out.

This is a really good idea. Designing “defensively” like this could keep the design space more free without so much risk of unanticipatedly strong combos.

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