Brig 1.0 would be not OP at all in 2-2-2. Change my mind


Tracer was more fun in 2016.
Revert the game.

Same reasoning.

Can you explain why would be Brig before 2-2-2 would be OP in 2-2-2? Cuz it hurts me that we have now just another healbot rather than one support who can survive?

Things Brig 1.0 had at her release:

  1. an easily executed combo that did a total of 155 damage (enough to kill a Tracer in one blow, and bring most dps down to critical health)
  2. the most reliable stun in the game. Could go through Rein barrier
  3. Instant deletion of Tracer from the game, the destruction of Dive Comp, and the ability to outduel just about any DPS (when a pre-nerfed Doomfist was weak against Brig, I think there might be a problem here lol)

Even in her post-nerf but pre-rework state (just before role lock), I picked her up in comp, I played her like I play Reinhardt (which is to say aggressively), and ended up waltzing all over the enemy team and chasing the enemy Tracer back into spawn, spamming “Mace to the Face” all the way (I also had gold healing lol).

So, in other words, Brig was strong even after a zillion nerfs. Before those nerfs… she was VERY VERY STRONG.

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Is what it is, did you know that Balls ultimate was initially developed to counter mass rez? Gee whiz! Is what it is AND STUFF

Imagine doing 500 damage as a DPS and getting 0 kills lol

Geoff Goodman was once asked what was the most overpowered balance change they made.

His answer:

I’d say at this point its pretty clear Brigitte’s initial balance was pretty far off the mark. She has been nerfed multiple times since then and she is still very strong.

Source: Geoff appreciation thread

Brig was still pretty OP when people ran a 2/2/2 comp. So I do not see how she can not be OP in 222.

What a dumb thread:

They literally stated she was balanced like this to fit in 2-2-2 because Hybrid characters can’t fit that format too well

i think you mean runover every dps tank and healer with no effort

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Good God, No. Release Brig is the worst thing that ever happened to this game.

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Brig was far too powerful and easy to gain value (and SR) out of. She now requires some knowledge of positioning and cooldown management now, which should’ve always been the case.

Ummm that’s what’s called tanking which exists in this game? Since Widow can do 500 dmg in 3 seconds BTW. Not even talking about the other DPS powercreeps.

They absolutely do not.

Whipshot deals 70 damage, which is just under half of Tracers health. Landing it basically forces her to recall, putting Tracer at a huge disadvantage. Her stun on Tracer can still be a death sentence and the armor (plus the coming armor reverts) still hinders and will hinder Tracer even more.

For Doomfist, Brig is arguably the best support in terms of shutting Doom down. Whipshot can destroy his combos or make him harmlessly punch a wall or miss a teammate (or you) entirely. If you aren’t saving the stun for his punch, you don’t know what you’re doing. She can block his ult, and if he’s solo ulting you, deny his free shield health from his ult.

Basically what I’m imagining most Brigs doing now is just trying to chase Tracer trying to bash her while getting chipped away at, missing Whipshot, and just dying because they aren’t using her abilities when they need to be used or just flat out whiffing them.

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No, we don’t need that extremely “low skill = high reward” and frustrating mess in this game ever again.

I enjoyed playing monster OP brig version 1.0

I won’t lie though, Brig 1.0 in current meta and role lock would be OP. I’d start somewhere inbetween all the nerfs.

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Um, I had 11 hours on brig last season with 75% winrate. I’m at 11 hours this season with her in mid diamond with 65% winrate, literally only dropping bc now that I’m approaching masters I constantly see tanks either throw if they don’t like the other tank or healers throw if they don’t like I’m playing brig and not lucio.

I don’t think you guys realize how strong current brig is… she has the choice whether she wants to give basically half a Zarya bubble to any flanker or backline support about to be flanked, or short (current patch) Moira level burst healing on that hero… on top of that, she can peel as well as Zarya, maybe even slightly better.

Literally anything on the enemy team that has an ability to get picks based on displacing enemy positioning, she can completely negate or heighten the risk considerably. Hog? Take a breather + hook are both countered by her kit.

Reinhardt? His ult + pin can be interrupted with shield bash and if he closes distance on dps or friendly tank you can assist with kiting via whip shot.

Winston? His entrance in with leap can be displaced via whip shot and his escape out can be totally trashed with shield bash.

Doomfist? Whip shot can considerably mess up any ability in his kit and shield bash hard counters his punch with good timing.

On top of this she’s being buffed, and you want to bring out her formal playstyle?

Brig is legit a lucio and Zarya hybrid. With better burst heals. Like, it’s pretty popular to hate on her bc as you rank up you play closer attention to the kill feed and brig doesn’t have much presence on there. But the amount that she currently heightens the margin of error for your entire team (which isn’t just for off meta, doomfist is enabled by brig just as much as enemy dooms are disabled, fyi) letting you be able to recover from risks that otherwise you’d be severely punished for, as well as increasing the risk of high risk characters on the enemy team as well…

Like, I really wish I had time to go through every game and just highlight all the saves/openings/shut downs I do as brig, because during the game, it’s really just too fast paced/ without indicator to know. I had to start rewatching my gameplay and tracking what brig actually does to know how powerful she is… and yeah, original brig would break 2/2/2. No thanks. Her buff upcoming is borderline OP. She’ll be fine.

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I think brig in her current form is fine as is. She was a monster to begin with. It’s fun using her for ult shut-downs now. I think the ONLY thing she needs atm is for her heal packs to have a very small portion of their healing be burst, and the rest heal over time. They feel incredibly wasted during team fights if you’re trying to keep squishies alive. 9/10 they die before the healing can actually kick in.

Or just at least bring back the Brig before the rework. Even that Brig was more fun with her selfhealing and shield HP. And that Brig would not be OP in 2-2-2…

you contradict yourself in the first sentence.

I dunno, man, I never played Brig 1.0 but instantly found my <3 with 2.0. Absolutely my favorite hero.

This statement baffled me a little. It seemed that dealing and constantly surviving flankers was fun to you because old Brig didn’t demand too much of the player and did too much. Her being way easy and having such high rewards was fun. OP heroes are fun because you don’t have to try as hard and they give you the illusion of superiority.

How are you playing her to be eaten for breakfast by these heroes? If you were out of position or have used your resources, knowing there is a Tracer or a Doom lurking and waiting for an opportunity to strike, then it’s on you. Manage your resources to counter those who are looking for an opportunity to kill you.

Sorta like Ana and her sleep dart. She can wiff it and yolo it whenever she can, but if she notices a flanker, she needs to preserve it incase that flanker decides to strike.

Brig’s shield bash is Ana’s sleep dart. Juggle it, don’t let it get broken. Close distance and activate your passive to dissuade any flanker or annoy them to switch.