Brand new PC - Terrible Unplayable FPS Stutter

So I just got a new PC and the game is stuttering really really bad. It’s like running the game while the CPU/GPU is overheating kinda stutter. The FPS would go from 150 down to 14 then back up to 150 every 3 seconds.

I’m able to play all my other games on it. Black Desert/FFXIV/Starcraft 2/Battlefield 4/Total War 3 Kingdoms no problem. It’s just Overwatch… Anyone got any ideas?

GPU: 3060Ti
CPU: 11th Gen Intel i9-11900k
64 GB Ram

We can’t help without the diagnostic info. Make sure it’s included here.

In the meantime, do a clean install of the GPU drivers with the nVidia GeForce Experience (click Clean Install tick box).