Blue screen on PS4 is getting out of hand

No, it’s not our disc, it’s not the software. Why would thousands of your PS4 players be getting this issue? Is Sony really selling faulty and releasing faulty products, or would Blizzard do it? Neither, it’s a problem in the games coding. It’s not the players fault, the majority of competitive players that I’ve been around, have left due to a blue screen.

q: How do you know it’s a blue screen?

  • The player leaves without leaving the voice chat immediately or a few seconds after. It takes a while to say “left voice channel”.

q: Why are you making this post?

  • Because I was in my 4200 back game and got d’cd due to the error.

Blizzard, it’s incredible how slow you’re to fix a game breaking code. No it’s not Sony, no it’s not faulty products. If it were, everyone would have one, sounds ridiculous.

This is the first time I’m hearing of this. What exactly is happening?


Same, im on ps4 and I’ve never heard of this

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Game freezes, goes to PS4 home, displays a code. It is an issue for competitive players/

It was fixed a while ago, it’s come back since the update.

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Strange, I haven’t experienced this yet, but I’ll definitely be careful and wary of it happening

Interesting, never seen this before. You said it only happens when you don’t leave VC quick enough? Well that explains why I’ve never seen this happen since I don’t use team voice chat. Just private chat w/ friends

not that i recall. happens in general

Oh well yeah that’s weird don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen before. I’ve never even been DC’d before. Ranked games I abandoned were by choice

I haven’t encountered this issue on my PS4. Is it a PS4 Pro problem?

It’s possible that it’s exclusive to a certain model of the PS4 since it’s been out for a long time now. I have, I think, the original model from like a year or so after release and I’ve not personally had this problem. Other than that, who knows what the cause could be specifically.

It…might be your PS4?

I haven’t had this happen, nor have I heard about it. 0_o

This is the first time I’m hearing about this happening in Overwatch, but I have had other games randomly crash on me for no reason… a while back, One of my Minecraft worlds had an issue that prevented me from playing in the main area of it but a couple updates after I experienced it, 4J had it fixed

Once again, it isin’t a Sony issue. It’s most likely the code in the Overwatch PS4 software.

Said it in my post. The amount of people I’ve seen DC like me, “2 people d’cd a while ago in my game, at the same exact time”. No it’s not my PS4, or else it would be everyone in comp that has had the issue problem. It’s not frequent, but it happens a couple times per week, at least in my experience. So I’m positive that it isin’t my consoles issue. No other game crashes.

That doesn’t make sense. Why would your PS4 affect everyone else?

I’m literally looking this up and I have yet to hear about any other person having this issue. I’m not saying it’s not happening. What I’m saying is, it might be your PS4 hardware that is causing this to happen, or something with your specific PS4. Doesn’t have to happen with other games since they run differently and use hardware specs differently.

The only other thing I can think of is it might be a server issue? But then other people would have that problem, too.


Sorry I wasn’t available during these passed few days. What I meant to say that it is not my PS4, I’m implying that it’s not only happening to me, then it obviously is not the hardware because much others have suffered from it. I mean there is always the possibility that it is in fact our hardware, but I don’t think SONY once again would be selling faulty products.

Maybe it’s part of the name change update? I don’t know, all I can tell you is that I’ve seen it happen countless amount of times, and it was on a rampage yesterday. You can check twitch streamers like WARN_TV that had the issue on his ps4.

If this post was back then by someone else, I would also say the same thing. I play a lot of competitive not only on this account but on others also. It might just be a tick timer on competitive, since it’s only happened in that game mode.

Just so you guys know, still an on going issue. Few tweaks carried out in last update have made it a bit more stable but currently is still an ongoing issue.

Blizzard have acknowledged it is a fault (finally) and now just a waiting game to see what happens next.

There is another thread regarding the issue. CE-34878-0 on PS4 - ITS BACK