Blizzcon about the future of PVE

Starting from minute 21:40, when Keller introduces producer Monica to talk specifically about PVe. It won’t last long, don’t worry, but watch it.

I have nothing against the producer but I found three things unpleasant in this blizzcon parenthesis:

  • Keller introducing the producer to what was clearly a public pillory of unpleasant news that he had to say as game director, without being the first to take the responsibility of announcing something unpleasant about yet another coming soon of the undated pve :angry:;
  • Citing community feedback but not talking at all about possible issues they would like to address, or what they concluded from that feedback :zipper_mouth_face:;
  • the completely inappropriate switch for mastery hero, a very forgettable mode in terms of development and reuse effort :rage:;

These short minutes ruined the rest of whats next for me. even when they talked about the next future heroes I now only had the feeling that they were giving us that spoiler of seasons 10-12 only and exclusively because they knew that not bringing news to the PVE needed a replacement announcement equally valid in importance, an equally valid distraction. I’m very disappointed in how they handled this phase of the blizzcon :face_with_diagonal_mouth:. ideally KELLER should have been the one to talk about it, without handing over the sad communication to someone else. ideally it was fine to mention the difficulties encountered with the difficulty levels, the botting, the info and the replayability that limited the discovery of the narrative. ideally only then was it time to hand over the conversation about mastery heroes to the producer.


They should’ve just left that out and address that in a Director Take

For those of use that wanted to play the story, interact with the lore, getting to actually have the heroes do heroic stuff, save the world, defeat Null sector once and for all.
We’re not the target audience, This isn’t really a game for gamers, it’s for those who will buy shiny new skins and those who are hooked on FOMO, It’s for Esport brand deals.
This isn’t a game it’s money generating service.
I discovered something ironic. Borderlands 3 is more Overwatch 2 PVE than Overwatch 2, The siren Amara can have a cryro themed build where she can freeze enemies making her a make shift Mei.
Moze is basically D.Va as a space military soidier.
I really hoped to see Overwatch 2 recover from it’s failure and rise up to be the game it’s meant to be.
But I don’t see that anymore. All I see is a glorified toy commercial that’s only there to sell skins. There’s not even a friggin photo mode. Could have at least have that.