Blizzard world winter sherlock mccree on the case

First go find the arcade choose the hacker woman and then stand in front of the azmadunk basketball court notice the number that appears. Now with that information go read the score board above it read the game their playing. Now run a long and tell no one if I should find that you have then you will have to join my server and 1 v 1 me and we’ll see who walks out of that one hahaha. Whatever God wills it shall be done however maybe ill teach ya a lesson. Another interesting thing now with the information about the thing that sombra is supposedly hacking go try to do that to the that machine and notice something about it. I’m not sure why its like that. I mean if ur gonn have the literal thing that it says she did then why make it so she actually cant do that. I have more instructions for you if you would like to engage in another exercise of deductive reasoning or critical thinking should you feel you need and not simply because you want. Though i will see if you find the answers to these questions first well anyone. There are perhaps many secrets on maps like this that I dont think u really need a data mining program to find. Just a little elbow grease haha. Good day and may God bless you if i havent said it yet. If you found this an interesting read (if anyone reads this). Or better yet you actually apply my instructions then go read my other post and see if you can see another lie that is presented in the game. For all I know theres some kind of karma" or like fake grand standing system on this forum were. If your someone who post something they dont like it gets burried regardless of how many post you make. Because I cant even post big topic names and its literally saying no ones even looking. When you look at your account take a look around and see if you can spot the thing about forum “experience” lol. They dont let you reply to your old comment like on old forums were u could write bump so it wouldnt get burried either perhaps theres some other forum i can go to about this game that isnt just everyone mindlessly agreeing with people they agree with or like an echo chamber type thing. I mean every new internet site is like this. For all I know maybe most of the internet is just ais that are designed to make it seem like its worth it to use.