Blizzard World - Server error


I was playing Overwatch in the new winter map Blizzard World and what it did it reset back to hero selection 3 times for everyone in the game and due to this bug/problem the game thought I was leaving the game meaning that it lowered my endorsement level from 4 to 3.

https:// gyazo dot com/1e2fda593389e506ecf202349de83ff2

https:// gyazo dot com/06c967b0f1f50452cff955e082465770

https:// gyazo dot com/ab65c9be07c82a2a9622c3984feb8e48

(Dan Maas) #2

Thank you for the report. We’re sorry that this isn’t working right and are working to resolve it. It will help us if players can help validate which modes (Arcade, QP, Comp) are affected. In the meantime, we’ve pulled Blizzard World from all map rotations on all platforms while we work on this.