Blizzard will “be” at Summer Game Fest!

For those who don’t know what this is, it’s basically a digital gaming convention that spans from May to August where big-name companies will give “breaking news, in-game events and free playable content.”

Blizzard is named as one of the companies “present,” but we don’t know what they’ll be there for. I guess it’s possible we could get some info on Overwatch 2?

There was a snip of Shadowlands. I hope we get something on Overwatch. Like the Anniversary start date!

Could be for WoW but I have my hopes up for Overwatch 2.

maybe they’ll talk about how they are redoing all their major titles for cell phones

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Well it lasts for 4 months, I hope we’d get more than just an event start date! Even if they’re just able to provide us a look into some of the new hero looks, or even a preview of one of the story missions!


I think that the “Do you not have phones?” meme is dead.