Blizzard... what just happened?

This is not a problem with my PC. You’ll see why.

I was on desktop, browsing twitter while waiting in queue. I join a game. For some reason, bnet opens for no reason, I did not open it manually. My mouse is stuck in the middle of the screen and every time I move it goes back to the center.

Only until I get kicked for inactivity, does my mouse start moving again. Coincidence? No way.

This sounds like the worst excuse ever but ffs can I get my 50 sr back, this has never happened to my PC before, and my mouse is fine. How did this happen?

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You’re not getting that 50 SR back… but I am curious: did you try Alt-Tabbing, or was that broken too?

Personally, I have an issue where (in Overwatch specifically) when I am alt tabbed and click on the fullscreen mode OW window to re-maximise it, frequently the game will instantly lose focus and kick me back to the Windows desktop again. My workaround so far is just to alt-tab back into the game window. GL

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Were you on a winning streak? yes I am serious.

Do you own a drawing tablet?

Usually when mouse tends to go to a certain point on the screen do I noticed I left my pen on the drawing tablet.

I was alt-tabbed. I tried everything, but nothing worked. Including alt tabbing. I was on a 2loss streak. I do not own a drawing tablet

I was getting a similar issue, so I bypassed it by switching from ‘fit to screen’ to ‘borderless windowed’ for when I’m browsing through stuff in queue. Since it’s all controlled gameside and not OS side, it minimizes impact and potential for error.

So far I’ve had one error with this method as opposed to a 50/50 chance and subsequent flip of the coin for the “alt tab” method.

Also, if you’re running a dual screen setup and streaming, this also keeps your primary window open to the game with a momentary black screen between settings changes as opposed to letting the whole stream see your windows/overlaying your windows over the Overwatch screen.

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That’s a good point. I guess I’m naturally hesitant to frequently change the display mode setting because for me Overwatch frequently reverts to “windowed” mode… and sometimes when I switch from “windowed” directly to “fullscreen” the game crashes (complete freeze)… so I have some anxiety related to that setting :stuck_out_tongue: (Btw, for anyone who doesn’t know the workaround for that one is to switch “windowed” -> “borderless” -> “fullscreen” to not get the crashes.)

Oh that already happened with me before. I forgot how to fix it but I think it was because of a pop up.

Do you have Overlay for Discord active? It causes problems for some games, and Overwatch is one

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Btw OP, writing Blizzard in the title is against the forum guidelines

play window mode full screen you wont have to alt tab no more…have a nice day.

Hello there DZDZDZ,

There is a issue with select systems where alt-tabbing while in full-screen mode can cause unexpected freezes. Based on responses I have seen in the Technical Support forum, Blizzard is aware of these issues though its not affecting a majority of our community.

I recommend one of the two workarounds to avoid having this happen.

  • Avoid Alt-Tabbing your game while in full screen mode. I personally use my mobile device to do light browsing when I am in a queue for a game (that or I am practicing my shots in a skirmish).
  • Switch to borderless window mode in your video options. When in this mode, your graphics card is keeping the display output to the native Windows Desktop resolution, so there is no freezing when trying to switch to the game’s native output. Unfortunately this setting may result in loss of performance including frames-per-second on some systems.

Please note, regardless of technical malfunction, penalties caused by leaving games in Competitive Matches cannot be reversed. To learn more about this policy, please see this topic for details:

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