Blizzard Server Connect Problems?

Anyone else randomly lose connection to Overwatch just now?

Checked my internet… connected.

Checked Xbox live… no reported service issues

So is the problem Blizzard’s servers? If so, I want my lost SR back. Its utter BS that we should have to lose SR when the fault is Blizzard.

And I still can’t log in. Gives me an error connection error each time.

Random disconnections can happen to anyone at any given time. Because it is impossible to discern someone who is disconnected by accident versus someone who disconnected deliberately, Blizzard does not reverse any leaver penalties for when you disconnect. Learn more here:

I checked the technical support forum and there appears to be no trending issues to suggest a widespread problem. So it is very likely you may have just had a one-time incident. The best thing to do in this case is play several games of quick play to make sure that you’re not continuing to disconnect. Once you feel confident that your connection is no longer dropping then continue to play competitive and you should be able earn back to your regular skill rating.

Just a little FYI WyomingMyst, I’ve noticed these server connection issues on xbox over the last week, it’s a little more frequent, but still super rare. I don’t recall the exact error as it only happened once, but it happened to everyone in the lobby. That and latency for OW have been slightly higher over the week as well.

There would have to be more details such as a WinMTR test to be reported to determine if any specific group of users are having disconnections. Remember, I consider “frequently” like dealing with at least one disconnection once every day or more. Again, in the last 24 hours there is about five DC threads in Tech Support and none of them seem related.

How do you run a WinMTR test on Xbox?

Also - I don’t report xbox issues if it happens once every few hours, it honestly feels normal. lol I think others are probably the same as no one in my party went to the forums to report the issues.

I did have trouble connecting yesterday on PS4, it wouldn’t connect me to the server after several attempts. My internet was working on my end but I couldn’t find any announcements about the servers being down. It was kind of late and I needed to have headed to bed instead of playing games anyway so I didn’t bother reporting it, I intended to see if it was still a problem later today.

Some players from xbox live reported also, in competitive specific games, some players doing DoS attacks on their IP, because xbox live appears to have some sort IP leak or find. i suggested they create a single post in here and on microsoft forums to help those in need, if they have the same issue

Yeah I was DDoS’d a week ago, I was wondering how that happened again.

It requires a Windows computer to be connected to the same local network as that of the console. I am on my mobile at the moment so I can’t give precise instructions, but key details can be found in Blizzard’s official instructions here, and instead of pressing Ctrl+Shift+N to open the NetGraph, you find it in the game options.

DDOS attacks can’t happen on a game that runs on a peer to server game matchmaking system. Details:

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And yet, it does. They attack you, not the game. Trust me, it happens… lol It was the first time I had it happen in a couple of years since Xbox Live fixed their DDoS issues previously. It used to be really common.

Please see my link above I just put in.

I use to work for Microsoft Azure.

That’s nice. I’m graphic designer by trade. In the end, unless you have any more concrete details, there is not much more that Blizzard or myself can do expect to troubleshoot your specific connection issues.

I appreciate that, I wasn’t looking for troubleshooting, just letting you know that issues may be there even if others are not posting about it. It’s just rare enough that it honestly could be a fluke thing. Since 5 other people experience the same problem, I know it’s not me, so troubleshooting feels like a waste of my gaming time when you can just relaunch the game and be fine.

I readed that right now. I only said that was what happend in the past with other players playing competitive. People with leaked IP address, I didn’t knew about blizz post, but still holds true about DoS possibility. Just means that’s not blizz fault, just microsoft’s or users fault.

Having a post fixed helps a lot of those players in need. Thanks to point that post out.

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Feels bad.

Oh well. Thanks for the link and input. Guess I’ll have to get back my SR the old fashion way.