Blizzard overwatch servers

Blizzard ow servers are the most well put toghter, well functioning, excellent, no glitchy, genius servers in existence. That will never kick you from a game for now reason and totally will not steal 50 sr from you and not give it back. :slight_smile:

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DDoS apparently happening. That’s not really up to Blizzard.

DDoS attack on network providers is currently happening, please avoid Competitive Play at this time. Blizzard Customer Service cannot restore SR or remove penalties (click here for information)


It hasn’t happened to me myself just a bunch of streamers, how ever I do wish y’all wouldnerf the SR reduction when things like this happen.

Happened to me 4 times tonight, last time server is like FU I’m done.

700 people in queue ahead of me


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Unfortunately there are few things to think about. First, this doesn’t happen to all players. Secondly they want players to stop playing Competitive and wait for any problems to be resolved.

Remember your SR loss does not affect your actual hidden MMR rating, so as long as you are not leaving lots of games, it is relatively easy to naturally recover and get back to your true skill rating within a few games played after. Again though, wait until the issues have passed.

Maybe check the Tech forums, before going strait to Sarcasm. They are experiencing DDoS on the Network Service providers in the Area of their Servers. Hope those Script kiddies remember the last ones to DDoS Blizzard were caught and if i remember criminally prosecuted.

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Wait so you actually want players to stop playing your game duribg this time? Also I’ve already read the tech forums I’m just saying what everyones thinking so we can at least finally get answers, next time don’t shoot the messenger :slight_smile:.

Stop playing a high stakes mode like Competitive. Try playing things like Quick Play is fine (though if you leave too many games in any game mode you can trigger a XP penalty).

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Okay now that was actually a unexpected response…


XP is not a penalty.

It’s basically a mosquito bite at best.

Basically put it is the responsibility of each player to not deliberately queue into Competitive if they are experiencing any issue. To deliberately queue while there is a known issue is just as bad as deliberately leaving a competitive game.

Again, not every player worldwide may be suffering this DDoS attack. Now Blizzard has posted a warning on the BattleNet launcher (and console players see this warning when they attempt to log onto Overwatch). I also will point out this affects all Blizzard games (not just Overwatch).

I am not going to disagree with that. I personally wish Quick Play had stronger deterrents for leaving games these days.

Known issue to who? Twitter followers and forum goers?

Everyone who attempts to log in, the BattleNet launcher has an emergency bulletin. These bulletins also appear on the support site.

That being said, what is worse than that, is getting into a losing game with 10 seconds left and you don’t even have enough time to pick your character.

That’s like Lemon juice and salt in an open wound.

Or getting into “DEFEAT” makes me feel bad about myself as a person when Athena says that

If it makes you feel better, Game Director Jeff Kaplan did recently post that they are looking into ways to minimize the impact of backfilling into games. Check out the dev post history for details.

Another day that I am like “hey, gonna have some fun tonight!” And then have several matches cancelled out of nowhere :triumph:

Why do my post always go way better then I expect them to. Well usually. Tho is the first time I got a actual mvp to respond to my post… tho that was very freaking unintended. Feel free to ask your questions now I guesss (not sure if he’s a developer or not).