Blizzard LIES about Phones

See Blizzard posted:

And today is Oct 7, and the god damned phone requirement is still in place. Blizzard is just straight up lying!

What!? Don’t you guys have phones!!!

Updates hit around 11:00am PST.

So no, they aren’t lying lol


Was your account created before June 2021? I beleive that was the cutoff for the SMS. Any account prior to june 2021 should have access to the game without a cellphone, those made after would still need SMS verification.

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I don’t see how that stops smurfs and hackers tho, smurfs have multiple accounts right, so wouldn’t all those accounts have played before June? Makes zero sense.

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My account was created 2016 Halloween event played every year till the last day but honestly The day isn’t finished

finaly someone told me…
i have +44 cuz i bought game while i was in england, and i cant change region
they told me to wait until you will no longer need to put your phone number.

Its a middle ground. People complained about SMS protect, so this is their compromise. While it doesnt stop older smurf accounts it does help reduce newer ones.

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Fair point. It sucks that the hackers, trolls, smurfs, and other toxic behavior has to make it so much harder for honest players who just want to play the game, fairly.

It’s not even that, it any account that was playing OW1 since June 2021…

Yes so if you previously played overwatch with a connected blizzard account then you should be fine. It looks to be that only new players or console players without a connected blizzard account will need to have sms verification enabled.

Nah the poors with pre-paid phones are not the target demographic for the battlepass system. They are on a whaling expedition, not fishing for minnow’s.

I even CHeck what ceel phone needed and still can’t use my T-Moble number to add to my battle acc and still can’t added it giving me the same errior.

My account is from 2009 and playing OW1 almost since launch… still locked out due to SMS protect and unable to change country… self service not working and in the ticket I wait for days they stated I will be able to play today. Unable to add number because I am in a different country rn.

I think they are counting on those alt accounts to get banned eventually. That is just my guess though.

I found out my phone provider doesn’t work with this new SMS security to OverWatch2 :sob: