Blizzard just disabled Sojourn's Cyber Detective skin

Same issue just noticed it today

ow2 is really a buggy mess, replays are all messed up too. last couple of days my replays have been disappearing

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It was a dirty night with a lot of mud and rain. This city revealed it’s ugly face and even uglier backside of it’s hidden alleys and tunnels. And that’s exactly where I needed to go, as part of my never ending job. No surprises here, city needs me, they can’t find their own shoelaces without my help. Detective Sojourn is on the case.

On a serious note, a slightly decent company would make an announcement and grant COMPENSATION for something like this. It’s insane they expect people to just get on with it.

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I paid for this skin when it was its first day release am I gonna have to pay for it again when it comes back?

It’s disabled because it would make you invisible when you equipped it. It’ll be back (maybe…)

Because it’s bugged. It’s noted in the bug list. It makes her invisible when it’s equipped.

Why would they let that into a live environment?

Because all updates go to a live environment now that the PTR doesn’t exist?

Admittedly if it’s just a bug and they fix it quick enough, then things should be fine. But it’s an odd bug to have. And while I completely understand bugs happen and you can’t let this kind of thing stick around once it’s been discovered… at the same point Activision-Blizzard charged people $20 for something they’ve just removed now.

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It’s actually not that odd when you think about it. It’s a skin. The skin not showing up properly means you turn “invisible”.

All else notwithstanding, like the fact that it’s very bad optics to be removing paid items because you can’t QA properly, it’s a pretty normal kind of bug.

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They removed it because it’s broken. It’s not like it’s permanent. The skin has no impact on playing the hero with another skin.

A lot of skins were taken out of the game for a bit because they were were broken in OW1. Like Zen’s cultist one.

If it was me, I’d send a ticket to support to ask for a refund, stating the product (skin) I bought is not available in game. Despite buying it.

I couldn’t care less about the refund, but feel their support should get tickets for this debacle such that they have to deal with the fallout and perhaps highlight this to the devs.

Or read the bug forum where it’s listed as a bug.

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you didn’t buy it, you licensed it for a period of time of Blizzard’s choosing

just like all the suckers that bought Overwatch 1 and now can’t play it

How did they break the skin?

Once again how are they breaking heroes they are not touching, let alone a skin they did not touch?

Are OW’s foundations that brittle?

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I am missing the skin too. Some of you said it’s stated in the patch notes that it was removed because it was buggy. I checked, it’s not in the patch notes. Are we getting the skin back or our money back?

I posted the link to the bug list.

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Remember that story about someone who bought 2 seasons of a TV show on Amazon Prime streaming service than one day the show just up and vanished from their account? Amazon’s CS reply was, “You don’t own the content you buy and only own a license to stream it while it’s on our service. We no longer have the rights to have that show on our service.”

Yeah it’s the same thing with Blizzard. You pay $19 for that skin, you don’t own it and Blizzard can take it away if they wish.




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this is what you get for giving blizz money