Blizzard is not doing enough to stop Smurfs

That looks like you admitting it, to me.

What I don’t think that Blizzard includes in their argument that “smurfs reach their MMR quickly” is that there are so many smurfs accounts in the game (probably as many as there are actually players) that it doesn’t matter one smurf is at because you will probably have another one in your game next, if not 2 or more.

It happens every time i play comp. I get 3-4 smurfs on the enemy team, and my team is just normal players. Then after that game, the same thing happens again the next game with different smurf accounts.

I really wish they would use a person’s IP or something to determine a players MMR. Like maybe the game searches for accounts that use the same IP or maybe if accounts are bought by the same person, it would automatically put them at their SR.

Admitting what exactly? It’s in my name. I’m here speaking about it. I don’t find anything wrong with having multiple accounts. MMR catches up fast. It’s been explained by the devs and that actually works.

Well, you think MMR works, you think it’s not wrong, and the people you do this to disagree. I am not sure why you’re even surprised about it.

I’m sorry but you must’ve misunderstood what i’ve stated somewhere.
I get that lower skill players can get angry at GM that purposely derank. But that’s not me. I play to win. I don’t want to be stuck at a low tier, believe me.

I see smurfing be not difference from ‘the bullying of naughty kids in school that tried to make themself look over who they were bullied.’ Because they can’t fight against the players in the same rank, so nasty as well as the players that used hack tool

Anyone else see the irony of a throwaway alt account posting a complaint about smurfs?

I’ve played many competitive games in my day. For a time i was unknowingly carrying a team of cheaters in rainbow six siege. Some of them were long time friends. But sadly, after i found out i quickly distanced myself from them. I play these games to have fun and challenge myself.

If you’re going to cheat that defeats the entire purpose in my view.

That wouldn’t work.
Say my gf logs in on one of my systems?
How is the system supposed to determine if i am playing or she is?

Sorry I misunderstood you. Hope there are no hard feelings.

None whatsoever.
I’m just glad we can clear this up properly.

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if smurfs are allowed then Buying SR boost should be allowed.

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But what if its a family computer? Like i have 4 boys, if they wanted to play Overwatch i would pay for them to have their own account. Do they have a DEBT card? no, my card would have to be used for all their accounts. and lets say one of them is a Overwatch prodigy… should the rest of them including me be banned because one of them can play good? So this whole ‘track smurf accounts by IP or by credit card’ is has way too many holes in it. At the end of the day Blizz makes money, so they won’t do much until boosting can be proven.

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they are EVERWHERE EVERY GAME its sooooooo fun going from 2700 to 3400 vs smurfs NOT. fix ur gammmme and the booster thrower troll smurfs Bliiiiiizz-tim

What do you mean “enough”? As far as I know nothing is done about it at all.

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what has blizzard done to reduce smurfing:

  • they removed the 200 sr penalty at the begin of each season

  • they made throwing reportable

  • they left performance based sr in lower ranks, so smurfs climb faster

  • they removed loss streaks

  • the matchmaker puts a smurf on both sides if it can

  • they don’t allow cross account cosmetics sharing

  • they added endorsement levels

  • they added sms protect and a 50 game limit to qualify for top 500

what has blizzard done to increase smurfing:

  • they have frequent sales and free weekends

  • they removed winstreaks

Worse still those smurf accounts who will throw at a drop of a hat because they dont care

and what would blizzard do about that?

send an employee to that person to hold a stern speech about morality and perseverance?

I apologize for not wording it correctly.
I was saying they use technology for banning bad accounts - including cc and ip.
Using this technology, not banning smurfs, but using the idea of identifying same players on different accounts - then either match them with only smurfs or start them at a higher level so they dont screw with other players.

In your scenario - whomever had the first account (probably you) would set the bar for the future accounts of your children. Even if one of them is a prodigy (or even if you are) they will ascend or descend on their own without affecting lower level players games.