Blizzard don't care anymore! Fact

Blizzard have lost their business!! It is a sinking ship!!! They have just left Overwatch in the disaster we see today!

Watch Youtube, Twitch, read articles etc, the community really dislikes the way Overwatch is going-actually the way blizzard is going! No wonder the chief left at Blizzcon!

In the past they used to address issues! They would say this is how we will address it! Now they just say that is a good idea we are thinking about it! It stinks of a game that has no more new profit and soon to have minimal work to keep it going.

From the outside looking in. Blizzard is in a mess and Overwatch is dying! I used to enjoy this game when it vaguely worked as a shooter now it is left click paradise were competitive play is a mess! Let me know what you think.


I’m really enjoying Ashe, tbh. But yeah, the management department needs to get these balance updates out faster if they intend on retaining their player base.

No no no, is all good. Just look: The amazing 2nd season of the Overwatch League is almost right around the corner and it’s gonna be a blast. More teams, more uncompetitive 4-0 results, less strat diversity than ever before, you can watch in real-time how only korean players show true skill via the all-new live spectator mode and don’t forget, we will milk the merch like there’s no tomorrow.

Oh… you don’t care about the E-Sport of an unfletched videogame? Well… here are a few skins. Have fun. :slight_smile:


It took the WoW devs forever to fix Azerite
Diablo is…F
Overwatch gets no new content
Starcraft doesn’t exist anymore
Blizzcon was a joke

It’s almost like Blizzard is primary in it for the investor and the Esports.

“Play nice, play fair” has never been more from the truth.

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How many black pills did you consume before writing this post?

Cool, another person who completey ignored the fact that blizz came out and said they have very little involvement in the OWL, and its actually run another team.

It has always been left click paradise. Mercy, Rein, Winston, Symmetra and torb existed since the start.

I remember this postback in 2016 when it was called “overwatch is dying”

Its not dying but it gets worse and worse. If the new brigitte nerf gets to the live servers… we have dive again. Lets see for how long… I think about 6 to 10 months maybe until the do something. With the new shield nerf she is not a dive counter anymore and genji and tracer lost the strongest counter… gg Blizz.

If you examine their stocks, you see where they boomed when OW released and now its just trending down down down down.


Who left? I dont know what actualy going on.

It’s not OW dying… it’s ActiBlizzard sinking. Big difference.