Blizzard disconnected me at the beginnin of competitive matc

I was disconnected for NO REASON, MY INTERNET DID NOT FALL OR ANYTHING, at the beginning of a competitive match, about 5 seconds later it came back but it had already been banned and lost 45 competitive points, very sad, I didn’t affect anyone’s game because the match was canceled and no one lost score, apart from that it was not my fault, it was blzzard fault , I’ve been ranking up my account for two weeks to simply lose all my progress in 5 seconds, this is disrespectful to the consumer

it doesnt make sense the fact I lost points, because the match was cancelled so technically I didnt lose the match, so why do I lost 45sr? If I only got the banned it would be fair, but losing points just dont make sense at all

Having the same issue I got perma suspended now :frowning:

Howdy rafinha0206,

You can find a detailed response to this question here. However, suffice to say that leaving the competitive match for any reason is disruptive for everyone else who wants to play the game. We aren’t aware of any problems causing these types of issues on our side, and as you mentioned no one else was affected. This points to something on your side that is causing this situation. Even if you didn’t notice any other connection problems, it’s not unusual for certain settings to only affect Overwatch specifically.

In this case, the only thing we can do is go through some troubleshooting that may help you pinpoint the problem. Since this can take some time, I recommend avoiding competitive matches until you are sure these disconnects have stopped.

You can start by going through some basic troubleshooting steps outlined here. If these disconnects persists, please reply with a WinMTR test so we can see what may be happening on the route:

  1. Download WinMTR
  2. Unzip the file to the Desktop.
  3. Open the WinMTR folder and select the 64 bit version.
  4. Run the WinMTR.exe as Admin
  5. Type the IP address you want to trace in the “Host” field. To get the correct IP you will actually need to open up the game and go Practice Vs AI or Quick Play and if you are on PC hit Ctrl+Shift+N and it will bring up the ingame network diagnostic graph. In the top left corner is the IP address you want to run WinMTR to.
    Network Graph
    Note: You will want to leave the colon and last 5 digits at the end off and only use the first four set of digits (for example, in the screenshot without the :26535).
  6. Once you notice the connection issue while playing, play for about 6 more minutes, minimize the game and click on “Stop”.
  7. Click on “Copy text to clipboard”, then return to this forum thread.
  8. Type two sets of four tildes (~) and then paste the contents of the WinMTR test between: ~~~~ Paste WinMTR Test Results Here ~~~~

Note: Break links by adding a space before .com/.net, so you can post them. If you have issues pasting here, please use Pastebin and post the link then highlight the link and press the ˂/˃ button.

He isnt the only one and this isnt even a new issue. There are a multitude of other players complaining about the same issue. It’s just unbelievable how you have completely given up on this game. I just had it happen to me literally moments ago and came across this thread while researching the cause, and seeing the reply you have given the players just makes me angrier with Blizzard as a whole.

The post which you linked says that a simple solution is to not play competitive if these issues occur however you also said that players who experience such issues usually have internal connectivity issues from their side. Personally, i have 1g download and upload speeds and top-notch wifi. It can’t get any better than this. Never experienced a connectivity issue as such before in any game, however, overwatch seems to just be different and regularly gives players these issues.

Maybe it is a great solution just to not play the game, and maybe everyone should just quit.


Just had this happen to me twice in a row. Lost 100 SR in five minutes worth of play time and am suspended for an hour. Pathetic that the game can’t be upkept for a few more weeks until the release date.

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