Blizzard and leavers, blah u are bad blizzard!

Blizzard, still u do nothong with leavers and how much we who sty in game lose competetive points. U dont listen to ur players, u dont give a sh… What i have if u pealty leaver with 50??? NOTHING , he still going to leave and ruin the game to all.
U ARE SO BAD LISTENER. :frowning_face:
very bad :tired_face:


Can’t tell if bait or not…


I mean… hes not wrong…


You can actually understand what he/she is trying to say?

Yeah. Lol

Its about leavers ruining games and how blizz doesnt listen to us about how there needs to be harsher punishments. The current leaver penalty of 50sr is a joke.

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yes and blizzard do nothing. Just say we give them penalty 50sr and we put them in game with same players. so…? u still did nothing
Why u dont put on that spot 1 from the skrimish whoi will play and get point just for that time he played? Why

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nah they are more focused on please owl players while ignoring the 99.99% of their player base

Leavers are penalized with 50 SR loss and a minimum 10 minute suspension. (The suspension time increases with repeated leaver violations up to a season ban.) They will not increase the SR deduction at all for leaver violations to prevent players from having a tool to easily tank their rank so they can smurf on lower ranks. (Source)

There will never be backfill in a Competitive Match. Backfill is already complained about in casual modes like Quick Play, and having a backfill ruins the original fair pairing for that match. (If the team with the backfilled player wins, there would be a perception by the opposing team they were ripped off from a fair fight.)

As always all remaining players on a team that has a leaver will still take the appropriate SR adjustment for the result of a match.

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Not true, we all lose 18 - 23 sr , so dont tell me that we losing appropriate sr that is not true.

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That is the appropriate adjustment, because you lost the match. In other words, there is no handicapping for when there is a leaver, not anymore anyways.

This is bollocks

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What utter rubbish.

Having a leaver already ruins the original fair pairing for that match.

Adding in a backfill player (who still fits within the fair pairing) would result in the match remaining fair and balanced.

Leaving one team to be one, two or more players down is not fair and balanced.

Imagine if, for whatever reason (for argument’s sake let’s say, PC hardware issues), an OWL player disconnected from an OWL match.

There is absolutely no way that they’d let the match continue with the one OWL team being a player down.

So why is it okay for them and not for the rest of us?

Blizzard needs to add backfill to Competitive.

If Blizzard won’t add backfill to Competitive, then either there should be no SR loss for having a leaver on your team, or the match should end as a draw when someone leaves.

It is absolutely, positively, inarguably unfair to punish the remainder of a team duie to someone leaving a game.

Well no, because what about those who leave unintentionally due to circumstances beyond their control? Power blackouts, Internet service disruptions, hardware failures, etc can all result in a player leaving a game, and it’s already unfair that Blizzard punish those players, you want to punish them more?

I don’t believe for a second that a company with the resources that Blizzard has cannot come up with a way to differentiate between an intentional disconnect and an unintentional one.

The fun is im baned beqause i left but how fun is it to play when others mess up the game ive been looking for players that knows how to play most of those ive played with seems not to understand how and why does u lose so much rep and points if u lose Another thing is i was rank 3 and i logd out after the match was over but when i logd in the day after i was rank 2

How would you differentiate between a router disconnecting and someone intentionally disconnecting it? That being said, server side issues shouldn’t cause SR loss (and in most of my cases, they don’t). Even if you do lose SR for a disconnect, your mmr doesn’t change so getting that 50 SR back is easy.

I’d be totally fine with losing 15 SR if i had a leaver. Losing the full 20-25 really sucks, and is out of your control. I get that there still has to be a loss, but does it have to be SO punishing? I feel like that in general with the game. Very frustrating and punishing system, and i’m not sure it has to be.