Blizzard actually REMOVED lore?


Thank god I’m not the only one. In the release, they were talking about a comic made by Dark Horse (First Strike, I think it was called) Th project was cancel because the “lore” changed. Not a single new about it since.

But we at least have the tweets of Michael Chu about his vacations xD


Yes, better cling to the garbage fest that that is


Hey… hey… I am sure Torb and his wife wanted her… no need to be rude. :thinking:


A universal scale retcon? Neat!

#34 bering Starcraft player will be remembered

(Michael Chu) #35

Definitely a bug, we’ll look into getting it fixed!

Lore tidbits are gone from the Hero Gallery
Wondering why McCree's Sherlock flavor text was removed
What happened to Grillmaster 76?

This was a bug during the PTR run, too. :) So much for the PTR being just for big-fixes.


Thank Goodness.


Too late! I’ve resorted to alcoholism!


As if it wasn’t removed already kek


I’m pretty sure torb wanted a turret more than anything else but whatever


Our lord and saviour has arrived
To tell us it’s a bug


But I won’t be able to play the halloween event due to boot camp, so rip me I guess


Please fix the issue with unobtainable skins/sprays/etc being counted in the hero gallery. Pre-order widowmaker skin, bastion 2016 skin etc are counted as needed and they shouldn’t.


MIcheal i think i speak for everyone when we say that even its good for you to answer question here its not enough.
We need lore, not Q&A . Stop asking these frivolous questions and give us the only one that matters.


anything at all?


Michael my friend, do you mind asking other devs to respond to other post about the current event and balance changing please, you are probably the only person who read the forum


Oh thank god it’s going to be fixed


“Look” into getting it fixed, don’t worry guys, it’ll be back within the new century or so.


It is a bug.
Michael Chu just informed it was one.


Any news about “Onwards to Victory” of the winged victory Mercy voiceline?