Blizz, admit Brigitte is a massive mistake

100% correct. Low skill heroes shouldnt have have half the impact high skill heroes do.

Who cares if he takes skill.

I don’t really find your complaint valid after playing her a bit. While she obviously doesn’t have the highest mechanical skill ceiling, she can easily be surrounded and killed – so I’d call her high risk. She also requires the same kind of skill a lot of tanks do in the game sense of when to go in and when to chill.

I’ll agree with the notion that in compapriosn doomfist does take a healthy amount of skill compared to Briggs- and that I do feel she’s way too easy for the impact she has.

But that said I don’t find Briggs OP (albeit that doesn’t seem to have been directly stated), and feel she does have very effective counters.

My concern is more or less however that it’s harder to play her counters against her than it is to play her into her counters. If you CAN, she’s not a big deal. But t definitely takes more effort in my opinion.

Mobility is always a key factor. When people have situational awareness it takes alot away from Brig, where as Doomfist can pretty much get anywhere with ease, and escape as well if he does. Brig, much like Rein, is all or nothing type of situation.

Again, this factors in more in the higher skill rankings obviously. Watching high ranked streams I almost see no Brigs unless they are directly countering a Tracer whose owning the team, yet I see Doomfists for days.

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Maybe blizzard doesn’t have to admit a mistake because there isn’t one


the problem is goats alreads beats both the other ones more than half the time.

I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to say.

Do you mean GOATS comp? Sorry, but that wasn’t the clearest statement.

Or perhaps you people need to admit she’s fine and actually learn how to beat her(aka adapt)

or you should admit that she brings unfairness and destroys the fun of this game.

that last one is blizzard admitting that she needs more nerfs

That would apply to practically a lot of heroes in some ways.

Unless you have a hitscan, Pharah brings unfairness and destroys the fun of this game because shes untouchable unless you have hitscans.

Unless you have a better sniper or a dive hero, Widow is unfair to fight against because she can one shot you from a distance.

It goes on and on with other heroes for example, but you get the gist of what im saying. Not every hero is fair to fight against. Try fighting Pharah as Junkrat or Bastion as Winston and tell us how it works out.

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how many hitscans in the game? how many shielders in the game?
now compare that number to the number of heros who can counter brigitte in her goats comp.

To that I say, learn to play the game.

Counter her like you would any other hero.

Low skill is asking for nerfs instead of adapting to meet the situation.

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Bazinga, good one Oak!

said in Hammonds voice: sarcasm detected

See, you say this, so we get heroes like Doomfist, and everyone moans and complains about him, too

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they can’t admit that ress is stupid and needs to be removed from the game. you expect them to admit to this lol.

Why hasn’t this thread already been deleted? I mean, calling out the devs has been a big no no since forever, yet after two days, this one still stands?

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Point and case
I won’t and never will admit to that because she IS FINE
Complain all you want it’s not going to change the harsh reality that she’s not overpowered by any means and the fact you actually have to adapt to get better at the game.