Blink into battle in Tracer’s Comic Challenge!

i like the new skin. the legging is rad.

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As if they need the skin clothes detail for it

They probably need the hair… and some part of the clothes

I have watched over 6 hours of the streams but still haven’t received any of the sprays. I don’t know why is this happening . Both my blizzard account and my twitch account are connected so theoretically I should have received them by now


Apparently (check dev’s update video) Tracer have special voice lines when looking at those sprays.

Got Tier 1 and 2 sprays yesterday…today I watched 3hrs plus of ML7 stream and got nothing.

Is anyone not able to get the 6-hour sprays? I have been on twitch for way more than 6 hours now. I got the 2-hour and 4-hour sprays, but nothing yet on the 6.

I am in the same boat!

Okay so real talk, why did you give tracer’s guns a unique melee sound effect, but didn’t do a take on the classic batman “dalallalla” transition sound effect when she uses recall?

The sound effect -

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Okay but can we get “broadcast partners” that actually broadcast during the times so we can earn the sprays? It’s just upsetting that you hand pick these streamers, and almost every time I join in they’ve ended early. Forgive me, but being a partner isn’t a random decision, but a privilege. Not just anyone can stream Overwatch and get official support/shout out from Overwatch itself, and it just seems that the streamers aren’t really holding up to their promised broadcast times. Maybe pick better partners or go back to “watch any Overwatch stream” because the “partners” clearly don’t appreciate the audience boost you’re giving them by the partnership.

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Aren’t drops enabled for any twitch streamer who is streaming OW?

Leave it to xQc to completely forget he had to stream today. lol

Whoever had the idea to give Tracer’s melee that brass sound deserves a raise.

I suppose having POW! flash on screen would have been too much visual clutter, though…

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huh. I have all six, but some people in twitch chats said they weren’t getting their T3s. Seems to be a common issue, i hope it gets fixed or drops get extended.

it seems so. scheduled streams seem to be guaranteed streams (unless that xqc comment refers to a scheduled one), as I watched (2) streamers off the posted schedule that had drops enabled

Why do you continue to make these challenges require wins? The matchmaking is BEYOND awful. I get like 10 game losing streaks. F this trash

same here. Watched more than 5hrs and received none.

Tracer has ENOUGH. There are other heroes that doesn’t have much or anything on events n media… :sleepy:

My Comic book Tracer skin and rewards are missing and are not showing up in my gallery.

I have responded to a similar post about your issue in the thread you created in the Bug Report forum.

I checked and couldn’t find anything