Blink into battle in Tracer’s Comic Challenge!

Blizz is now using an API to make posts?

does anyone really care about the play to earn spray and avatar??

this comment made my day lol :slight_smile:

Aperently the market wants OWL as its still going stronk.

Tracer’s best skin is her spraypaint mask skin.

People like you just have no clue what the word meta means. It doesn’t matter what kind of god tier tuning you do there will always be community gravitation to certain heroes because OWL/Top 500 meta. The balance is actually pretty decent this patch after hog nerf.

Why are the sprays usable as tracer only :frowning:

no, balance is still worse than ever and you are delusional if you think its ok


I second this (***yatta main)

Well, I’d love to play, but you made all the heroes I enjoyed completely unplayable. So I don’t care about your stupid skins.

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Will there be any way to earn or buy the skin in the future or is this mini-event the only opportunity there will be?

Another epic skin bordering on legendary quality. Very nice.

Thanks for the comic and the new skin, Blizzard Team.

Much appreciated!

Huh, I thought they had learned from the past and had gone beyond the limited time single streamer per day to get drops from Twitch. Oh well.

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bro im blinking :eye: so much i havent gotten it yet, but my eyes hurt now wth bro smh

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Its not that bad compare to lightning atleast she looks like a human rather than that lightning dislocated jaw abomination of a skin.

watched over 10 hrs on twitch and drop reward still stuck on tier 2

please fix this


Now we’re thinking like pro gamers.


Same here.
And when I tried to see if it was my mistake, I disconnected the Twitch and BattleNet accounts and now they do not connect again, it gives an error. I’ve seen this happened to more prople and we’re waiting for Twitch support to see what happens…

I’ve watched well over 12 hours of the streams at this point. I received the 3 tiers of drops, but only a total of three sprays. Is it supposed to be all six? The article does say six sprays…