Blatantly hacking issues

I remember in Overwatch 1 that hacking using aimbot would shutdown the game now and then, or after reporting you get a thank you for your report. However, at this moment in and around plat comp RQ and OQ i’ve been seeing alot of hackers not even hiding the fact they hack. I mean full headtrack, flicking, etc.

Last month I battled against three hackers and as we massively reported them as a team (even enemy), we never get any confirmation. Its been a month since the first one, but the one from today is just one of many.

Check widow in M3XKZ1

Has the overwatch detection system become weaker and are reports for hacking being neglected or with a lesser priority than reports for “bad behaviour” like swearing and triggerism.

I understand that OW2 is free-to-play, so chances new players try out hacks is bigger, but shouldnt blizzard focus on hackers more than ever?

It almost feels like that blizzard is more concerned of in-game toxicity, bad behaviour, swearing, discrimination and any other voice or chat reports rather than making it easier to keep the game fair and square. Don’t take me wrong, bad behaviour and discrimination to any person from anywhere is not a good thing. Although it feels like they are prioritizing this over matchmaking, anti-cheat and balance issues.

It’s a woke culture-move.


It’s a free to play game on pc, it wont go away, just play another game.

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Its because OW2 currently doesn’t have an anticheat. Overwatch used to use byfron, now it can’t anymore due to ROBLOX buying out byfron for their own use.

first let me correct lumbojacko, there is an anti cheat, one that they made. it works. i have reported hackers and i have recieved the thank you message. you should report these hackers as close to the incident of them hacking and specify what happened. while now it is less common for the game to be disbanded for hackers to be banned, it still might happen.

Ha ha! Actually OW2 has a reasonably robust ring anti cheat amongst other things.
Are there still cheats being used? Of course, but ActiBlizzard already messes with things under the hood themselves too, whilst players play, so theyre just as bad.

right but many games have cheats, most games detect blatant hacking, like perfect head tracking, flicking around the camera, and more.

The example i showed you, shows that.

Or they are waiting for these players to play with their boosted friends in S3 where they ban all those people.

Most game companies don’t care, people are going to put up with cheaters to a point, the more resources the put into cheaters the more money it’ll cost. If you played any EA online game there’s a cheater in every official server, conan exiles had the same problem, and lost ark pop is half or more bots.

There was a interview with a cheater on youtube by a pop ow player. I don’t remember who it was but he basically just buys another account and continues.

If they do anything it’ll be a big ban wave for the wowzers and they just come back, why? just like i said its a free to play game now.

good luck

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Slightly related not aim or or anything but console overwatch is absolutely littered with ximmers. Legit 1-3 per game in gm. And as if mouse vs controller isn’t enough of an advantage apparently they get the aim assist perk of console also but just have a mouse

It still does under 2 main conditions :

  1. It has to be a known hack that they have already added to their anti-cheat.
  2. It needs to be blatant enough to trigger the anti-cheat.

Every IP Blizzard has uses a collection of examples, how many is unknown, to add to their anti-cheat detection. Since hacks no longer require a windows hook into the application it’s going to get way worse. There are now hacks using second pc’s with a camera and mouse move/click hardware. The 2nd pc is literally playing the game. It’s even smart enough to have bad aim every so often to not trigger anti-cheats in any online FPS.

Modern cheats look more like this but dont get recognized by anticheat. It has adjustable settings and with the right tuning can be hard to detect. Many streamers for example, have highly personalized settings to avoid detection.

I dont mind playing against rage hackers (which can atleast be an amusing challenge) but the thing I hate most are people trying to pass it off as natural. Its like a roided up guy with veins popping out of his forehead telling you he is natty.

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Most of them downplay the issue even as its a expense they are not willing to pay.

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So the majority of the comments are about, there will always be hackers. I agree and thats true. However my main point was Blizzard putting less focus on anti cheats and more on ingame toxicity, game environment in chat/voice chat. Thats fine and all however i dont think this is a priority nor requires any.