Better do not click it

Didn’t read the wall of text. Why? Because it’s laughable Widowmaker is your issue. I could understand a constructive complaint against Hanzo, but Widowmaker? Give me a break. Learn the game, you’ll do fine kid.

Next please!

:arrow_up: Cause I am not able to talk with such ignorant, close-minded people.

How about instead of uneccisary reworks to heroes that don’t need them, we rework the ones who do.

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That’s topic for another threat tho

There is no “Sniperwatch” problem. Snipers are built to be able to one-shot heroes if you have the skill to land a headshot and safely retreat. If you or your team is not building a dive-comp to counter a sniper that’s a major threat, that isn’t the developer fault, that’s your fault.

Like, say, this one?

Sniperwatch isn’t a thing on consoles.

Alright kids let’s play spot that irony.

Seriously OP, Widow is very balanced. Very. Next time you see a dominating widow keep in mind that player has probably put in countless hours of practice, if you are able to master a hero to the “OP god tier uncounterable” levels that the forum thinks she is then you deserve to be able to carry games.


So it’s close-minded to have a stance that disagrees with you and gives reasonings but not to stick your fingers in your ears and go “I’m not listening!” to said people. Who is the close-minded one again?

It’s you.

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These ideas are the worst I’ve ever seen on these forums.

Everyone dissagrees with me, i cant possibly be wrong, so they obviously and just uneducated, close minded people.

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That is a strange choice to edit the OP to be a different topic.

I just didn’t realize 3/4 of people here are extremely mean, so I would gladly prefer avoid more comments from mean people

Mean or highly critical?

definetely mean, all of you just run to my post replying mean comments by seeing another idea what to rework something before even fully reading it

Just reread the thread.

One person said the didn’t read the OP.

Two people said something which may be considered mean.

Everyone else just gave their opinion on a calm manner.

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cool, i appreciate that you WASTED time READING MY YET HOPELESS, STUPID IDEA

bye Felicia

I feel threatened. :neutral_face:

us being “extremely mean” is just us dissagreeing. If your mean on the forums, trust me, even if you just called someone a doo doo head as a joke, if that post gets flagged your silenced. Not even exaggerating a little.

K flag me, at least I won’t be able to create posts cause my ideas are worthless thus I am going to stress a little bit less since there won’t be mean people responding mean comments to me without even reading it.

Also, disagreeing is okay as long as you fully read post and point out things you disagree with.

But 3/4 responds weren’t like that and appeared 1 min after I published it.