Beta season should not affect the future

Whether or not this season affected your hidden MMR was not clear and based on a “common misconception.”
Players are going to be punished for trying out heroes they might not usually be confident playing in this beta season.

There’s also the fact that this now means Sigma’s immediate inclusion in the season should never have happened. A new hero shakes things up so they’re always given a period without access Comp. Seeing sigma available so soon reinforced the idea that beta wouldn’t affect anything down the line.


Calling it a beta was a terrible mistake. They should’ve called it Role Queue Pre-Season and relaunched competitive as RQ Season: 1


Overwatch is a mess first 2.2.2 and then symmetra nerf and now this

What did you expect from Blizzard.

Exactly. Beta implies testing. This felt like an extension to PTR in terms of playing heroes to get more data for balancing in 2 2 2. Now players are actually going deal with stats from a season of being lab rats.

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Tbh this would have been a great move by them if they would have communicated that to the players at launch. Now unless there’s a chance at a reset at some point in time, it’s just going to continue to be all over the place. High skilled players in lower brackets, lower skilled players in higher brackets, and everything just bounces around randomly.

Just play some more games and build your SR back up. It’s really not that big of a deal.

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You do realize this translates to “just win” ?

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If you’re below your normal SR then winning is a lot easier. It just takes a little time but you’ll get back to where you were. It’s not really a big deal.

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Good. I won’t lose the 850 SR I’ve gained. (Not that I thought I actually would)

I mean come on guys, you really had be stretching to think that the SR you gained or lost wouldn’t carry over. It specifically said ‘stats’ and nothing about your SR. They gave it it’s own stat page for that.

I mean really, people like me who have gained from 2/2/2 would throw a FIT if they had to start over again 850 SR down.

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Paid beta, early access, stress test, call it whatever you want. Glad I took a break.

But what about the people who were placed lower? It goes both ways

These weren’t just my placements, I’ve been playing, every day. And if someone placed a role and then lost and fell, maybe they just aren’t as good at that role as they think they are.

You know I actually have a higher tank SR now than I do DPS SR, and I hate tanking. Turns out I’m better at it than I thought I was, or maybe I’m just not as good at DPS as I thought.


Im glad to hear this i was hoping to place as low as possible on season 18 for a casual joy ride climb instead of being dropped in dead end diamond from the get go.