Best open queue solo healer?

hey everybody,

i have always been one to read and not speak about anything on the forums, so i guess this is my way to introduce myself? anyways i’m a console player and have been playing for just over a year. i really began to take ow more seriously when role queue began (s18) and didn’t play too much comp before that. in RQ my peaks have been 2.8 for tank and support and 2343 for dps. i love rq in favor of more balanced team comps and was so hesitant to do my placements in oq but a few days ago decided to. i placed 2419 and am currently sitting at 2691 (2740 peak) as of the end of today.

i normally flex around in oq, and as many of us know already, a lot of people LOVE to play dps. those are the most commonly instalocked heroes. the only point where i have an issue is when there are 4 dps. it tends to result in a 1-4-1 or a 2-4-0 comp. i’ve always opted to play tank or support. i’ve even had a game where i did more damage as sigma than my 4 dps (slight flex). i normally don’t play tank in those comps, and am the one support in a 1-4-1. i am the one who gladly take all of the “i need healing” bullets when i’m trying to do as much as i can. so here leads to my question:

who would be the best healer to play solo? i’ve been playing a lot of ana, and although she’s not a hero i don’t play much, i feel like she might be one of the better picks as a solid healer. the others i’d really consider would be bap and moira. with so many dps i don’t think brig would be good at all. lucio doesn’t provide the best healing as a solo healer. zen and mercy ive been hesitant about, both because i’m not the greatest with either and i feel that the single target healing wouldnt be helpful unless i insanely rotated it. so it leaves me with ana bap moira. is there any of those which would be best to play? or is it situational with when those heroes should be played?

also, is there a certain way i’d have to play being a solo healer? i worry that i die too much because of the lack of healing all around, and some positioning here and there, but with one healer and not having like a hog, or soldier, any more “self-sustaining” hero it gets a bit hard. i had a thought earlier where i’d maybe use ults more aggressively and often, knowing i could charge another soon after but i get worried with ult stacking that some of those may be more key to save for those larger team fights.

i know this is a lot and i have some things thought out but it’s been a thought that i’ve had and wanted to get some expertise that i’ve seen in these forums. any tips would be welcomed and i am willing to learn as much as i can :slight_smile:

thank you !

It is mercy. (20 Characters)

Dps all over the place in different positions. Can fly quickly between targets.

Moira is really only best in tank heavy comps.

Baptiste isn’t good with multiple dps either. Bunker comp double shield.

Ana is a good pick.

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Open queue I always go Mercy if nobody else picks support. Find the clutch player on your team and enable them. If you are the clutch player, expect to use your pistol ALOT.

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