Best eSports Player goes to! . .


What’re your thoughts on SonicFox winning and his speech at the game awards?

Personally, I feel that JJONAK should have won. Plays for a well known team: New York Excelsior. Played for South Korea (champion) at the Overwatch World Cup. He honestly deserved it.

I wish this SonicFox guy would’ve talked more about what games he played competitively and the tournaments he competed in. Especially for someone like me who has never heard of him.


Uzi, best ADC of all time, best Chinese player of all time and won everything but worlds


Who is SonicFox? I haven’t heard of him either.


I learned more about that guy in what you just said than I did about the guy who won in his own speech xD


I was disappointed by the nominees. Rapha from Quake Champions has been playing out of his damn mind this year, absolutely dominating duels and 2v2s. He is showing no signs of slowing down and is only getting better. No one can keep up.

Not only are his mechanics insane, but the guy is a tactician. You would swear he has wall hacks up since he has a mental map of exactly where his opponents are at all times and lands crazy predictive rockets. It’s insane, and a testament to the power of Lucio mains xD

Jjonak is nowhere near the monster Rapha is. None of the nominees are.


SonicFox is a esports pro gamer who primarily plays fighting games.


i think fighting games in general take more skill than overwatch or any other moba fps so i think it is well deserved.


Yeah, Sonic is a friggin beast, well deserved IMHO.


“I guess I just gotta say that I’m gay, black, a furry—pretty much everything a Republican hates—and the best esports player of the whole year, I guess!”

Possibly the best close of an acceptance speech I’ve heard in a long time. Legitimately, the guy deserves it. He’s an absolute monster in the FGC. Just so good…

Setting his skill aside ( which is off the charts, for the record), it was really nice to see how genuinely excited and unprepared he was to win the award. Seems like a delightful young man, imo. I wish him the best.


huh? best esports player is a thing now


I don’t think it’s right to compare the skill ceiling of different genres of gaming. To say one requires more skill than the other is completely subjective. One requires team strategy and precision with aim. The other may require more memorization of certain movesets and timing. And they most definitely may overlap in these areas.

I’m not arguing with what you said because you’re certainly entitled to it. I’m just saying you can’t necessarily compare the two. It’s essentially like me saying that football requires more athleticism than basketball. You can’t quite justify that…


Hahah, I wouldn’t doubt him being a great player x) I just loved JJONAK this year. I thought he deserved it.


Yep, and has been for quite a long while.


That’s not entirely true, the only part that is somewhat correct in your text is that people have different traits and will be prone to do good in various things but that itself doesn’t determine how difficult something is to achieve.

A very good example would be 100 meter sprint, now almost everyone can sprint or well at least travel in a pace faster than normal distance 100 meters on a track. Now the skill ceiling of 100 meter sprint is rather high though since you need the genetics and a quite a bit of practice in order to be able to run at top level competitive speeds, very few can achieve less than 10 seconds even with the best practice and a lifetime devotion. A healthy very well fit normal person who likes to do sprint could probably do it in 11-13 while someone not so well fit (but not obessed or other major flaws) could do it in 14-16 in ages between 18-35 or so.

Another great example of a game that have an extremely low skill floor yet the highest god damn skill ceiling you could imagine is chess. It’s a game that anyone essentially can play due to the rules being quite simple however very few would ever be able to get grand master ELO since you need to be smarter than your average person and on top of that spend about as much time in theorycrafting and practice as it would take to get a PhD in like civil engineering. The amount of openings and different moves you need to memorize to the bone and the ability to predict several moves ahead is simply something few can achieve so everyone can play it for fun on a low level, very few can compete at a very high level.

But hey, if you think it’s subjective and equally hard to beat Kasparov or Carlsen in chess or Bolt in sprint as it would be to master something like connect four, be my guest.


You, unfortunately, have misread the case and point of what I stated in that response to the other user. In my example about athletics, I specifically mentioned “basketball” and “football”. Comparing a player from one to another is like comparing apples to oranges. How would you factually say one is better than the other? How can you determine which one has more fitness, strength or agility than the other? To answer this, it would have to be subjective in nature - essentially, “opinionated” if you do not know what subjective means. In the means of athleticism, you can’t. On the other hand, if I were to ask which one was better at football; well, obviously the football player! The facts are there to prove it too.

Let’s go back to the other analogy I made. Apples to oranges. Which is the better fruit? Refrain from using any personal statements in your response…

Can’t? Yeah, that’s because how can you factually prove which is better? You literally cannot.

I hope this clear things up about comparing already similar things to each other.

But to your point about, “that itself doesn’t determine how difficult something is to achieve”. That wasn’t the purpose of my original reply to that other person. I never meant to imply something was more difficult than another because that for sure is true. Similar to what you said, it does take more time and is more difficult for someone to get a PhD in Civil Engineering than someone who figured out how to close their dishwasher correctly.

I’m not entirely sure what your intent was in your response as it doesn’t necessarily add anything to the original topic of this post. Additionally, you basically agreed with me at the end. But, I thank you for your response :slight_smile: