Best dps on king's row?

I’m an Ashe/Hanzo player. Second point of King’s row isn’t the best place to play Hanzo or Ashe. Who are the best dps heroes on king’s row?
(Genji and Doomfist are my worse heroes)

I think mei is very good in kings row.


Kings row is the best widow map in the game but failing that if you want something strong in streets phase reaper is pretty good


In the current meta both are 100% fine if the DPS just play their role of shield break. You’re not the tail wagging the dog here.
Just break shield, let Orisa halt and hog to get a pick. Then clean up the rest of the team. All that really maters in hog/hook is shield break.

Either that or smash into the Orisa as Mei/Reaper. If the other team doesn’t have an Orisa then at least right now it doesn’t mater what DPS you play you win almost for free. Just the nature of the current game.


Hanzo is great on Kings Row. You should be fine playing him.

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I’m not sure what rank you’re in, but entirety of King’s Row is great to play Hanzo. Let me break it down:

  • 1st Point Capture is amazing for Snipers and Ashe thanks to the Angles you can get for point 1.

  • Once you capture the Payload, Hanzo is good because it is mostly straight streets or corners.

  • Final point has a lot of High Ground and a big corner.

Now, because you say you are not comfortable playing Hanzo on point B, here’s my best options to play before you reach the 2nd Check point:

  • Pharah : Really amazing pick, you can hover at the skybox and take cover from tall buildings

  • Junkrat: Narrow Streets and Corners, Junkrat spam works wonders

  • Reaper: to pull of good flanks if the enemy has a bunkerish comp with Hog Orisa

  • Soldier/Mccree : Debatable

  • Tracer/Sombra : Great flanks if you know how to play them

  • Mei -: Bestish dps at the moment if you can land your Right Clicks. But if you can Mei you should also be able to Hanzo without much problem. She does have self heals and cc tho.


i play mcree is pretty strong on 2 point. he is very strong in those thight spaces. he can break shields fast and can stun if any flanker comes like reaper

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Kings row is just a great map, everything pretty much works.

Widow, mei, reaper, tracer, soldier, hanzo, cree

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Symmetra has a very large number of potential turret net systems on the streets, and is decent on the first point. On the last point, she can use teleporters to put her team on the high balconies and have turrets in all kinds of odd places.

I assume your 2nd part means pushing the cart. Naturally switch to heroes that are good for that role.

Just play Hanzo, he’s the best DPS on every map.

As an ashe main second point is amazing dude. They are always grouped up for dyno and bob, and u can get a few off angles on them.

Infact kings row is just one of the best designed mp maps in any game imo. Comes close to some of the old halo maps

I had a bad game on king’s row, I guess. My positionning was pretty awful.

Thank you, that’s exactly what i was looking for.

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Widow is only really strong on the first capture point. She is good on the rest but not great.

I think widow is pretty good

You call me a trash widow, but I clicked on your head :wink:


symmetra, sombra, mei