Been banned what can I do

for the last few weeks the game has not working great for me, just got banned from comp, can this be over turned

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Nope. Wait until ban expires and don’t do whatever you did to get banned again.


that would be at the end of season 12

RIP then.


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Play other games in the mean time. Paladins is free and fun for an OW fix.

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How about you try playing quick play or arcade, so you don’t ruin the mode for everyone else when you leave.


You can always open up a ticket with Blizzard customer service. I doubt they will overturn the ban because their policy is you shouldn’t play comp if you are having PC problems as the disconnects are likely. But it never hurts to try.

I do not leave the game kicks me out

Don’t talk about it on forums.
It will lead to a forum ban.


The game can’t tell the difference, if it isn’t obvious.

Think about your actions

Youre not supposed to discuss your ban on the forums. Mods can lock this post.

I remember one season I DC’d too many times and got a season ban. Can’t do much except sort whatever the issue is out and play QP or some other games. Then wait for the next season. Feelsbadman.

Spend the time that was made available from the ban and fix your computer like you should have done after your first ban.

wow what did u do if i may ask

Calm down? You have anger issues or something? I made a thread about junkrat and you spammed a huge paragraph calling it a bait post and all which it wasn’t. Also the game kicks me out sometimes or my internet crashes on accident guaranteed s/he didn’t mean to “ruin the game”.


The game doesn’t kick you out. You most likely have an unstable Internet connection.

Obviously s/he doesn’t mean to. I got banned because my internet was trash a couple times as well as a couple bugs kicking me out of comp. s/he shouldn’t have to think about their actions unless s/he was being toxic or what not.

Try out some other games. I’m banned from season 12 due to the crappy bugs from the nana cola update that didn’t allow me to see the characters or mine alone and kicked me out. I’m playing destiny 2 and I’m trying out season 6 of fortnite which just came out.

I know they didn’t mean to leave the game, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t drastically shift the game for everyone else. As for the junk thread, I don’t even remember anything about that, maybe link it to me so i can read it?