Bastion's subtitles are amazing

(Excited beeps)
(Proud beeps)
(Confused beeps)
(Sad, hurt beeps)
(Acknowledging beeps)
(Beeps the Overwatch theme)

I love these!


Very cute!! I can’t wait to log into the game later today and see the new subtitles!

Personally, I wish for the Foreign Languages they didn’t just say (in English) but had the phonetic pronunciations for what they are saying. But still, I really like them regardless! I think Hammond has similar (excited squeaks) :hamster:

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Hammond is similar, yes, but it’s often just (Hamster squeaks) if the mech also speaks.

It would be a nice option to choose between whether the subtitles are translated or not. Perhaps even have both?

I actually investigated Bastion’s voice lines to see if they were also translated into English. I didn’t get what I wanted but I wasn’t disappointed.

That would be cool! Or even in the case of Ana, if not the phonetic pronunciation, then seeing the text in Arabic per say would be an option I’d really enjoy!

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How does it translate his hello?

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(Cheerful Greeting)

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Aw that’s so cute. :relaxed:

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On a side note, Zen has a voice line for reloading:

(Slow exhale)