Bastion should be reworked, not buffed

Doomfist is actually viable in almost every situation. Bastion isn’t. Plus Bastion has been in the game for much longer than Doomfist, and has constantly been in a terrible spot. DF is in a good spot right now. How does that make DF more worthy of a rework?

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They can remove the explosive shells from Bastion’s ult, and increase it’s speed for the new ult

Remove self healing entirely, and replace it with recon droids that act like Widow’s ult and Hanzo’s arrow

And change the primary to a good solid rifle shot

Doomfist is the worst designed hero in the game by far.
Like Bastion may be a bit weak, but at least all of his abilities work properly.
He is just countered by tanks too much…
Cross class balance in this game is awful.

One thing that would help bastion fit in is if they made Overwatch 10v10.

I totally agree, and I’ve actually seen some really cool rework ideas for him on the forums. The other day someone posted an idea for making tank mode a core part of his kit instead of an ultimate which sounded really cool. Honestly I think there’s a lot of room with his character to do something crazy and exciting.


He does need a rework, please check here for ideas:

But I believe sentry and tank needs some buffs(tank less so but still) along with some QoL changes to self repair.


Or just weaker tanks.
If Bastion get’s buffed, he’s be too good against dps, but if he doesn’t get buffed tanks destroy him too easily.

Increase reload time in sentry mode by 50%, decrease self heal by 30%, increase rate of fire in recon mode by 15%

I advocate and support this he needs a rework not buffs

This removes basically the one use of his ult, rocket jumping.

I mean, self healing is on RMB, he doesn’t have an E button. You wouldn’t need to remove it to add another ability. And if you remove his self heal, it’ll just force pirateship comps if people want to play Bastion. Literally everyone in the game focuses him first because he can be somewhat dangerous, and he’s a very easy target. If you remove his self-sustain, he has to have a healer on him at all times, which is what we’re trying to avoid.

Also recon droids…? Just use Ganymede…

That just makes his already useless Sentry mode even more useless…? Recon mode is fine, Sentry is the problem. And like the other comment, if you ruin his self sustain, it just forces cheese comps even more than they are now…

Because every “rework” so far has been a complete success!


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bastion being viable is a nightmare

would rather want him to be reworked than have this current bastion to be stronger

The issue with Bastion is that he needs a ridiculous amount of barriers to be good, because if you don’t have that the enemy team can just out-barrier you, and you can’t do anything even against heroes you’d kill normally.
It’s funny how they wanted Bastion to be a barrier breaker, except he is not good at it.

Most Bastion mains agree with you as well… We don’t like Ironclad, it wasn’t necessary to begin with, and it’s unnecessarily hard to balance around a passive damage resist.

Right now, the most popular rework would be Tank on E (I think just a revert is more popular, but it’s not really a rework).

Basically, reduce Tank’s damage to 120 (or maybe 95 if that feels like too much, I don’t think it would though), limit the ammo somewhat, remove passive Ironclad, repair applies a damage reduction (Ironclad), revert most of Sentry mode’s changes.

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Thanks for always helping spread the word!

In my personal opinion, as a player with over 100 hours on the hero, a Bastion “Meta” Would be OP.

To Explain, A “Meta” Or otherwise the Most Effective Tactic Available, A Situation Based entirely and ONLY Around the hero, (Or ANY Hero) Would be.

But, Viability is another case all together.

As Linked in the Quoted section above, Us Bastion mains have compiled any and all ideas we can come up with, in an attempt to make Bastion Viable Again.

We simply want to have an enjoyable time, when playing the hero.
Not be forced to switch off onto another hero, every 30 seconds into a match.

And i believe this to be possible.
Bastion was originally a High Risk, High Reward hero.
And that playstyle needs to be re-instated, and otherwise brought back.

A “Glass Cannon” If you will.


cough tank on E cough

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Bastion was always fine and actually underpowered at launch. If you die to a Bation not moving after a couple of kills that is on you

I think he is being sarcastic here, since he is an active member of the buff Bastion community.

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Yeah, it was sarcasm… I guess a Kappa could have helped…

That’s just the excuses I’ve come across, they don’t really make all that much sense to me…