Bastion Rework already looks awesome

Can you confirm anything about the Doom rework? How many abilities are planned to stay?

I think people are reading a bit too much into a doom rework. They only said it was an idea they tried, they never said it was going to be it.

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The better question is if any work has even been started on him.


Checked in with Hero balance and design on this to make sure:

Geoff G: Like Doomfist’s Meteor Strike, Bastions new ult, Configuration: Artillery, ignores ceilings. Rooms may not provide safe cover.


I still am worried about him. Stuns being removed, tanks having knockback reduction passive, bugs caused by engine, etc…

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From the Hero balance and design folks:

Geoff G: We decided to add both a duration and a cooldown to the new Turret mode to allow us to keep the ability tuned to have a high damage output, while still taking into account his newfound mobility.


From the question above…

We’re seeing what we can do to get the rest of the footage out in the wild.


And Andy, another question:

Have someone took the mantle of being the voice designer of Bastion? What can we except for OW2 in that matter? Will he get new voice lines in OW1?

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I think the stun situation is why they are concidering a switch to the tank role. Perhaps he is going to lose his damage potential but he would be able to make the most of his CC tool and work as a tank mobile dedicated disruptor. And i think meteor strike could still work with such a kit. Perhaps either as a finisher or reworked into a stun tool similar to shatter but with more range at the cost of a heads up.

Newfound mobility??? Do you mean the rocket jump?


To manage expectations: nope.


Omg, thank you!


One last question…

Baby D.Va emotes in OW2??


well that and the whole…you know…


thats if baby dva remains…

dun dun…DUUUUUNNNNNNNN :wink:

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No bc like…


OH yes i am aware of this. But i’m wondering why even set a time limit given how the damage of this mode is already drastically reduced on top of the fact he has reduced movement speed in this mode.

Plot Twist: D.Vas MEKA gets removed. She will be a healer throwing Doritos and Mountain Dew around


Yes please I watch football/soccers without casters it’s much better with spectator’s sound only, even if I like very much OWL casters.

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I do hope if new heroes are finally revealed and shown in proper gameplay that they do something similar to what they did with OW1 characters pre-release by showing a full match from the perspective of someone playing as them.