🤖 Bastion megathread

2020, new updates. Forget the outdated posts. Let’s put Bastion in the spotlight!

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I think that Bastionmain is doing a good enough job with all of that

Bastion needs a rework and until he gets one i’m fine with no bastion

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No no bastion needs to be like in his short, dumpstered and forgotten in a forest


your about 3 years too late on starting that up

EDIT: Omg wow, it’s closed because it hit the 20,000 reply max!! I didnt even know that was a thing lol

PS I’m a video editor for fun, search my gamertag (career profile) on youtube if you like game related music videos

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It is true, we broke the forums with that post. It went far over the 20k limit before the system locked it, because i’m pretty sure the system in place isn’t really meant to actually handle numbers like that, it’s just a cap to keep things from breaking further.

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Let’s make him a bruiser tank! He’s already big and menacing enough to be classified as a Hog or Zarya variant, so I’m going to propose a new design below:

200 HP/200 armor.

Ironclad: now applies to Bastion in all forms as long as he has armor available.

Recon Mode: 25 shots per clip, 10 damage per bullet.

Repair Mode: resource capacity increased from 300 to 400, Healing speed increased from 75 to 100.

Sentry Mode: damage per bullet reduced from 15 to 7.

Tank Mode: Set to E Damage per shot reduced to 120, duration reduced to 6 seconds, and gains immunity to crowd control effects.

New Ultimate: Mortar Barrage: transform into a stationary cannon that launches a large volley arcing bombs that detonate on impact.

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Bastion has been the WORST hero in the game for years (except the 1 day after his rework went live). Years! Each balance patch comes and goes with no changes for Bastion and no developer even acknowledges his bloody existence. Its pathetic.

I KNOW YOU PEOPLE HATE TO PLAY AGAINST HIM. But come on… he is so far below niche level it is just plain negligence. He might as will not exist in this game.

And I get that he feels cheesy, but he is almost never even played.


I have well over 300 hours on Bastion, and I completely agree.

I still personally stand by my preferred rework design.

Hey ChibiFox, nice to see you here! I just wanted to say that I recently sent you a Friend request on Battle.net and would like to see if you’ve seen it yet.

Also, I was able to get the code for one of the matches I played this season as Bastion. I’m ranked Gold in DPS and in that match I got about 62 kills, my record overall… Of course I swapped around the last half of the second game because I started making some mistakes, which I would really appreciate if you could give me feedback on as a much more experienced Bastion main!

Here’s the code of the Replay: C1THZ2

Thanks so much in advance! :smiley:

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Bookmarked, for later review.

I do not believe i’ve received the request.

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