Bastion Megathread On His Current Situation *Bug Fixed!*

I’m just drowning them out now. They tend to ruin anything good that happens to Bastion. I’m just going to tell them to deal with it

There are times when it actually would be OP but they over react to everything so I don’t know what to gage it against now.

Because that’s kind of his thing. He’s kind of supposed to have a mode for everything because that’s just his character. reconmode for pushing with normal mobility with an accurate hitscan, sentry for murdering all the things while immobile, minitank (if it’s added) would be more mobility (rocket jumps) with burst damage but it’s a projectile. It would also help get to ambush spots.

Isn’t that the point of bringing an F tier hero out of the dumpster fire? It will upset everything because suddenly you’ve thrown a not sucky hero into the mix. The D.vas and Genjis who went unpunished will start dying in positions they normally wouldn’t.

This is why people probably complain, because they can’t do something as safely as they could before.

Thought of the Day: “The first Omnic war was not really a war for the Omnics, It was practice.”

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tank as skill good.
Ultimate for awakening? goood!

Hey, you bumped a thread about Bastion… so that’s cool… but… what?

Nice mega thread and I couldn’t agree more on Bastion’s current condition. He (she?) needs to be reworked.
I really liked the idea of his ultimate rework, Overclock and adding the tank mode as his “E” ability. This would add some diversity to his playstyle which the game desperately needs because it has been stale for quite a long time now.

But there’s one major problem with this rework: Blizzard didn’t thought this up, so they’ll most like ignore it like usually. I really wish that Blizzard would increase their working pace, because it usually takes them at least one month to do even a simplest hero change to the game. At the current pace it will probably take half a year or so before they even start thinking about Bastion’s situation and another few months before they implement those changes to the PTR.

There’s nothing wrong with increasing the work pace and implementing these hero changes to the game faster, because that will stir the meta and make the game less stale.

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To our knoelwdge, Bastion is a guy (Or at least an it)… He wasn’t in the “Girl Power” brawl back when they had such things.

Yes, it would make his kit so much more fun… please do it Blizz.

I’m really hoping that’s not the case :cry:… To be fair though, they did kinda sorta take the idea, and use it on Mercy… They put Rez on E, and gave her a buffing ult. I’m like 70% sure Tank on E was around before Mercy 2.0 anyway…

P.S. Blizz pls don’t close the thread, it’s not a necro, we swear


Your not very bright recon is specifically for repositioning and taking out low health and NOOOOOOOO it is not comparable to 76 asking for him to not be the worst hero is not asking for a hand out. If you think wanting a damage buff for a character that is undeniably weaker then even the characters he counters a handout you don’t know Jack about balance

HAH I was told to come here from a small battle, now Im in the war XD im gonna start by saying something opiniated and counter productive

bastion sucks.

The beacon has been lit

I literally posted a link to this like not even one minute ago how did you get here so fast zetsu lol.

haha well I can run faster than a bastion that’s for sure. I deleted my post because I thought it was the wrong one. Greetings.


This is an old thread… never thought id see this thing again.

I already took a screenshot of your opinion, see ya later in jail.

oh then it is the wrong one? what thread were you talking about

hahaha were all in jail we play overwatch

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Witness the size of this thing:

[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (582+ Likes, 19,000+ Responses)]

Look in the thread you came from and I made a post with links to multiple things you might want to look at.

okay man thanks, and thanks for the stats (the only stats that were given XD)