Bastion Megathread On His Current Situation *Bug Fixed!*

I’ve had the exact opposite experience, Bastion was trash before the rework and an annoyance after the rework because of Ironclad and sustained damage instead of burst damage - if you want the Sentry changes reverted honestly be my guest as it’ll make certain he never sees any more use if he can’t self heal and get pocket healed with the damage mitigation thru’ a dive.

The whole turret character concept is just awful, they already reinvented the idea via Orisa and making Bastion even more polarizing of a design just skirts the edge of either being broken and unfun or unplayable and a waste of resources. Give Bastion something to do well other than sit behind a shield, and you significantly raise his general applications, his skill cap and his pick rate.

I’d be half tempted to put his Transformation Tank on his E, reduce its damage to 120 per shot and give him Remote Mine again just so the character had more depth.

this post has 272 likes and 40 dislikes in favor of reverting sentry. Tons of people want it changed back.

Please tell me you read the OP? That’s literally one of the suggestions in the “possible rework” section :frowning:

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Who wouldn’t want the old turret damage back? That doesn’t mean giving the old turret damage back is what’s right for the character, he was straight up less viable before the revert than he is now even with the old turret damage because he couldn’t survive being focused compared to having less damage, Iron Sides and meter based Self Healing. If you give the old weapon back, it makes the changes to Recon mode irrelevant because that mode was meant to be the high weapon accuracy mode for Pharmercy etc.

I didn’t go thru’ every sub-tab of the OP, but it doesn’t surprise me that someone else already suggested that change at all because the entire problem with Bastion is that he completely relies on Sentry Mode and Iron Sides to have any impact on the game. What Bastion needs more than anything is a tool re-engae with after a team fight is lost or he gets picked and has to reinforce from spawn because Recon mode isn’t cutting it. The more you depower Sentry Mode, preferably by getting rid of Ironsides altogether so teams can’t pocket him with healing over multiple forms of damage mitigation, the more you can power up Recon Mode (or whatever else) to give him an effective strategy other than El Presidente.

Think about it this way, he used to be able to do 1050 damage and a moderate range vs tanks, now he does way less than 525 at moderate range with only 60 effective HP to show for it.

I’d say losing effectively 465 damage and more at range in a fight is bad for him.

Ironclad sucks completely. He also needed the recon and healing buffs anyways, not the sentry rework. Recon is supposed to be his mobile mode, not his “accurate one”.

Both Sentry and recon should be similar in how they operate except that sentry can’t move and does more damage. Sentry shouldn’t be the “tank busting mode” considering they ruined it’s damage vs tanks but it has always supposed to be his defending mode.

You push or relocate with recon, you dig in with sentry to defend (Or siege if you’re in a good enough position.) That is literally what his lore shows and his whole identity is supposed to be

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Bumping for Bastion!


Thanks! It’s difficult keeping this thread alive, most of what people are going to say about Bastion has been said already so the debate has kind of died down meaning this thread falls quite alot.

Wait a minute:

I have my fingers crossed!


And that someone else will be…

Ana! We are making her grenade leave a cloud of both poison and healing! Thanks for listening. Bastion? who?


It’s no prob :slight_smile:. I just want my hero to be viable. I even put up a topic just to garner some attention to him!


There have been a ton of popular threads about him recently and that “someone else” post from Jeff so I can only hope something will happen.


Please Jeff. We have been ignored for so long :frowning:


What if Bastion’s E ability was like D.Va own new E ability? A barrage of rockets that he can only use in Sentry Mode.

That would give him an option for dealing with targets outside of his effective chain-gun range, and allow him to soften up targets before they enter his effective chain-gun range.

It’s less oppressive and more skill-dependent than simply reverting the changes to his Sentry Mode.

That sounds kind of useless for Bastion at least. The projectiles are too slow and the damage too low to really make any use of it. He needs his primary to not suck, not a missile ability.


The rockets can be more like Soldier’s than D.Va’s, or they can be mortars he can use to shoot over walls and barriers.

It’s the next best thing to un-nerfing his chain-gun, which will never happen.

Bumping for the cult of Ganymede.

Thought of the day. “bullets are cheap, fire them freely at targets of value.”

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Its not about hitting the target, its about shooting in their direction while beep booping till you die and respawn.

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The Heavy believes they are expensive.

Bumping once again



The problem is most of the bullets miss. Sure he has high damage but he has a horrible way of getting it to the enemy.

Thats why i was making fun of it. :smiley:

Bastion the ultimate missing machine.


Make tank shots 50% bigger at 30% lower spees maybe?