Bastion isn't viable because of Roadhog

I’m starting to think we play in much different ranks…

Bastion is the most hard-countered hero in the entire game. It’s the perfect place to start your crusade against hard-counters.

That was in QP when I was getting my breakfast. I don’t care about your standpoint, or where you’re coming from involving rank. Hero swapping is an intended mechanic. Bastion having 1 hard counter is not the end of the world. Never will be.

He’s talking about a very specific problem.
This isn’t the time to try and be inclusive or something…

That’s the discussion.

Roadhog vs Bastion.

Bastion has pretty much every counter in the game… what??

Then discuss those. Why leave out crucial information? Cause based on that, it sounds like Bastion’s the one in need of a rework. Not Hog.

That’s a serious point, by the way. This thread, admitted by the OP, is a “highly specific” approach by honing in on Hog. But, if Bastion is countered by every hero, why are we not discussing Bastion’s needs then? Because if he’s countered by everyone, Hog isn’t the problem.

Who suggested “Reworking” hog?

Also the discussion is clearly marked, keep up.

[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (582+ Likes, 19,000+ Responses)]


For literal years.

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I thought this statement meant Hog was the problem and should be fixed because Hog’s existence is too oppressive to Bastion. Am I incorrect?

Then I dunno what to tell you, but honing in on one specific example when there are so very many isn’t going to solve anything.

Fixes are not reworks.


I seriously don’t understand you.

This is a discussion ABOUT that specific interaction.
To solve THAT interaction.

But it wouldn’t fix anything. Right? If there are so many counters, then that just means someone else’s existence will make playing Bastion unplayable. Then you’ll be back to making another thread about one specific example when you could have discussed them at length and widened your spectrum.

I’m done replying to you, thank you very much.

Lets get back on topic.

Specifically, the fact that Roadhog having LoS of a Bastion, makes that Bastion dead.

Roadhog is the most problematic, but not the only hard counter. Sombra’s hack is just as punishing to Bastion as it is to a properly-positioned Doomfist. Hanzo can delete a Sentry Bastion with Storm Arrow from across the map before Bastion can move. Mei can displace him above the shield he’s usually behind or snipe him from long range when he isn’t. Widowmaker can corner-peek the edge of a Sentry Bastion’s hitbox without ever presenting a target Bastion can even shoot back at, on top of being able to kill a full health Recon Bastion with a single scoped headshot plus one automatic bullet. Genji’s deflect is downright famous for countering Bastion in team fights. Dva can completely shut down all of Bastion’s damage and body block it after defense matrix is over even after her mech has “died”. Ana directly counters Bastion’s Sentry mode with her sleep dart and his self-heal with her grenade. I could go on… it’s easier to list the heroes that current Bastion doesn’t get easily wrecked by, which is a very short list: Winston and Doomfist.

Hog is one of many problems, but I think the biggest problem given hog’s prevalence in the meta. I don’t think we need to change every interaction with Bastion or go overboard with a Mercy-level rework of the hero to make him viable. Something as simple as making hook not work on a Sentry Bastion, just as it doesn’t work on an Orisa using Fortify, may solve Bastion’s main problem without removing any other of Bastion’s many counters.

Some counters are healthy. “I exist therefore you die” is not healthy.

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My god you legend.

A lot of people seem to forget that list.
Two heroes. Two heroes are all that doesn’t counter Bastion directly.

And Doomfist is iffy…
The chain stuns often get you killed, and his ult does counter Bastion directly.

Inevitably, someone will probably point out that Bastion’s pretty good at taking Moira in a duel and Brigitte can’t do much to remove a Bastion who’s already in Sentry mode herself. And, of course, Mercy is Mercy. In team fight scenarios supports aren’t standing in front of Bastion letting him shoot them, though, so that’s why I didn’t count them.

You’re right about Doomfist, too. Most Doomfist players don’t have the moves down, but the ones that do and are aware of just how much damage they can deal with his left click pose a serious threat even to a dug-in Bastion.

And since the armor nerf, I wouldn’t have expected 2 hitpoints to make the difference but Bastion feels screwed by Meteor Strike now more than ever before. Or maybe all the Doomfists I play against just got better at using it. Who knows!

Valuing bunker as a good Bastion tells me everything I need to know. Also lose the petty insults

I hate when people try to blame a charxters non-viabilty on any other charcter. The game is much bigger than any two charcters. Making decesions around this idea makes them both worse tbh.

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As a Bastion main…
I tend to agree with Orion.

No matter if you don’t make a single mistake, you have to play as if your enemy has the upper hand NO MATTER WHAT.

If you see hog you basically should uninstall.

There is a myriad of other reasons but sure pick the hero you hate so he can be nerfed

Do as you say, not as you do, hmm? :thinking:

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Saying that you may be sad at playing something in a video game is not an insult

This is directly aimed at me as a person. Seems that is lost on you.

The game is bigger than two characters, but if character A is so powerful against character B that character B must immediately swap to another hero in order to get anything done, it needs to be addressed directly.

Roadhog vs Bastion. Brigitte vs Tracer. Same story, different characters. Time will tell if it ends the same way.

Assuming lack of competence at any activity as the reason for another person’s differing perspective is an insult.

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