💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored

it doesnt matter if you play like crap, you will get a ressurect charge every 30 seconds whether its fair or not (its not).

im down with that, not even joking its more fun than actually playing mercy.

she can stop the first fight by negating a pick without working for it or playing well.

So you think they should bring back that time where she had to track and land headshots just to get an ult?

Oh sorry, I think you meant holding left click on a teammate and then don’t let it go until the ult comes.

That is the upside of it, the upside is that you can use it sooner early on, the downside is that it is much much weaker than having a team rez ult, and much more balanced than it ever will be if you ask me.



Look, look, let’s be honest, we have run out of things to talk a long time ago, at least me. Unless we want to start changing and repeating things.

Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State lets go here, Zaydar. while you’re at it please read this, its a lot more thought out than i’ll ever be.


This is going to sound bad, but every time someone asks me to read a post like that I have to back off because even though I could learn better about a perspective or two I will also find oceans of text that I disagree with and will not be able to resist writing about either in that thread which will start a spiral of multiple days worth of arguments or here with you, which are both tiring.

So I think we should stop the little argument at this point.

tl;dr mercy may be easy but there is nothing left to master or feel good about after the rework. and 13 nerfs after a rework mean the rework failed.

fair, its just that they gutted the fun aspects of playing mercy and also, aim isnt the only skill neccesary in overwatch. beam priority and flight discipline are things only mercy has to learn, res timing/tempo resses used to be but then she was reworked.

Valkyrie (a worse version of supergarcher and a 3hp/second better version of lucios amp it up) take away and play making ability as the healing is still very low and you dont have to even think to use it. mercy is in a great spot, played a lot, and 50% winrate, BUT!!! that doesnt mean her game design is good. its a faliure, she is unengaging and whent the whole point of overwatch is to be a hero, being a healbot of sorts and playing rock simulator every 30 seconds is bad (im done i just wanted to summarise my contention)

after you tell me why res on e is NOT the reason she’s broken.



honestly all this arguement is doing is bumping this post, its already a trnding topic lol

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We’ve been a trending topic ever since this got posted.

7.3k posts in just over a month is impressive.


This I agree with, but I’m pretty sure Mercy’s core kit is being simple and easy so everyone can play her.

Non sequitur.

I never said it was, but you said something that was objectively false saying that Mercy required significantly more skill before.

Very low? As in a possible 1-5 player 50 HPS/30% damage boost for 15 seconds?

Maybe, maybe not. Heroes with badly thought-out kits is a common theme in Overwatch, but the thing is I believe her kit was even more of a failure before in terms of how in functioned in the game.

So was the old Mercy for many people, and “the whole point of Overwatch is to be a hero xxDDdDddddDDDDDdDDDDDD” is not an argument.

The burden of proof is on you, she is right now the way she is and although she could use improvements I still think old Mercy was a lot worse in terms of design.

desire to repost picture for the 4th time rises…


I feel so bad for ignoring your signs but I just can’t resist man.



Chibi is Back… And Chibi’s PC Is as clean as it will ever be.

(That was a LOT Of work… I found four vents that i Didn’t know existed, and my can of compressed air Froze.)

And… while we’re at it, lets get back on our tracks…
The fact that Torbjorn repairing Bastion was mentioned in the first place, was a starting point for future developments… Which is a nice foothold to have in our situation

And is also why i LOVE The Overclocked ultimate, because… it sounds exactly like what an engineer would give a complex machine/computer.

But… It would basically require Tank mode, to be an E ability… which becomes problematic in some ways, Unless Ironclad were to be removed… Which puts us squarely in “Rework” Territory… And none of that is even Mentioning The core of what we all wish to see changed, which is Sentry mode, and it’s required skill input, and overall damage potential.

Did the devs actually mention that?

Well, It is heavily implied in the Comic about the two, and in Brigitte’s voicelines, which were brand new to us at one point.


Which Could all be an attempted reference to “Ironclad” But… Even if it were to be, this could easily be changed Because We have no solid lore behind it yet, and we know for a Fact that Torby took Bastion in after he found him, and could have easily upgraded him.

Oh sorry, I meant repairing Bastion in-game as in healing or buffing him.

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